5 TikTok Dads Show Us What Fatherly Love Looks Like

Friday, June 18, 2021

TiktTok is an awesome platform for creative expression, not just for kids, but for parents, too. It's not uncommon to see dads spending quality time with their families on TikTok, expressing their love, and showing how much they care in their own unique way.  TikTok is also the perfect place for children to show love and appreciation for their dads through content that they create together, or videos dedicated to them.

This Father's Day, TikTok honors doting dads on the platform who are definitely worth celebrating. Here are five fathers who can teach us all a thing or two about the power of fatherly love. 

TikTok user @maku.espelita is not afraid to
say 'I love you', as you can clearly see in this
video of him talking to his baby son.

Daddy Bryce made Valentine's Day extra special
for his daughters by setting up the sweetest DIY
date at home.

Therese Tiangco's dad rating her photos is exactly
the daddy-daughter bonding moment
you need to see today.

The real star of this TikTok video is user Christian Andrew Hong's dad!

Single dad, Jogane Real, makes sure that his daughter's life never feels incomplete.

Celebrate Father's Day on TikTok by honoring
the special dads in your life, and telling them
how much you care!
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