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Saturday, June 05, 2021

We live in a fast-paced, constantly changing world that revolves around technology. Living in this digital era, people often forget the feeling of looking through photo albums with loved ones and reminiscing on past moments, stories, and experiences. Swiping through pictures on a phone screen or clicking through a computer file does not compare to the joy that our families will feel when discovering memories previously forgotten.

I'm lucky because my family loves taking pictures even way back to my grandmother, which is why I feel blessed that even though some of our beloved family members are gone and now in heaven, I still have thier precious photos with me and some wonderful moments treasured and can always look back by checking out these photos in our albums.

No one can deny that Life goes in a blink of an eye, and our memories fade more and more each day. Some of us falsely believe that our special moments and life experiences are being documented. We take pictures on our phones and buy the digital copies from photographers, thinking that this is the best option.

Digital files allow for easy online sharing, computer access, and individual editing. Although this is a resourceful option, there are consequences that we may not realize immediately. Photos we love may get buried in countless folders or lost in our computers and phones. Backups may fail, causing us to neglect or forget memories that we have documented throughout the years of our lives. These digital files may be easily accessible at the moment, but years down the road, they may be impossible to find or not as easily attainable.

Then what will our children and future generations be able to look at to remember? How will our life memories be preserved?

For this reason, we need to realize the importance of photo albums. This is why I totally recommend PHOTOBOOK.

Photobook is essential to saving memories. There are innumerable memories stored inside our brains, so it may not always be easy to recall them to our minds. However, photobook can act as triggers that will prompt the memories to surface to our remembrance. Thus, filling photobook with our pictures can be a blessing for our families today and our future families to come. Life's moments and our memories can then be preserved through generations. 
This is the perfect time to print those precious moments via Photobook since they're also on Shopee

Redemption Instructions
1. Upon Purchase, your voucher code will be sent to your Shopee notifications panel upon payment confirmation.
2. Receive your voucher code and go to Photobook Philippines Website to design your product.
3. Sign in or create a new account to start designing the book.
4. Click on order button, redeem the voucher, and pay for add-ons & shipping fees.
5. Receive your order within 7 working days.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Only 1 voucher per order can be applied, value of vouchers cannot be combined.
2. Voucher code is not valid for Photobook Mobile App.
3. Voucher valid within 90 days of purchase.
4. 1 voucher code will be issued per quantity purchased, single checkout is only able to redeem one voucher.
5. Shipping charges are not included, payable to Photobook Philippines upon checkout. Combined shipping is not allowed.
6. Shipping is applicable within Philippines only.
7. Self pick-up option is not available. Shipping charges must be paid for each product.
8. Additional charges are applicable for upgrades. Any amount above the value of the voucher will be charged according to full price.
9. The Photobook Philippines Management reserves the right to change these terms & conditions with or without prior notice.

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We will never regret having a physical photo album. Start the process today, because it is something that will bless our lives, preserve our memories, and become the best investment that we could ever make.

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