Experience safe, secure, and convenient shopping with EastWest Visa Cards’ contactless feature

Monday, June 28, 2021

As the banking needs of consumers continue to evolve amid this digital, contactless era, universal bank EastWest and American multinational financial services corporation VISA, constantly look for ways to provide safe and convenient payment methods for their customers. As advocates of cybersecurity, EastWest and VISA aim to protect customers from scams like cloning and skimming, as well as COVID-19 and other viruses transmissible from exchanges of high-contact items like ballpens, money, and credit cards.

With the EastWest Visa credit and debit cards’ contactless feature, Cardholders experience fast, easy, and secure way to pay for everyday purchases.  Cardholders can also be assured of safety from some card scams. Contactless payments are protected by multiple layers of security and accepted by merchants across the country. For every transaction, a one-time code is created which secures the cardholder’s payment information. And since it is transaction-specific, the code cannot be re-used by fraudsters if they are somehow able to get ahold of it.

The EastWest Visa credit and debit cards are just as convenient as they are safe. All it takes is a simple tap of the card—no more fumbling with bills or coin counting. And because it never leaves your hands, it can also keep you safe from virus transmission.

During each transaction, the cashier will enter the amount in the register before it becomes available for payment. The cardholder will tap the card’s Contactless Indicator on the Contactless Symbol in the authorized reader, and then wait for confirmation.  

Contactless shopping using your EastWest Visa credit card is also more rewarding. Take advantage of the card’s perks and promos which will surely delight everyone.

“As a universal bank, we adapt to our customers’ increasing needs. But what remain constant are our key considerations when developing our products and services: safety—in terms of cybersecurity and even health—and convenience,” EastWest Bank Marketing and Corporate Communications FVP & Head Sandro Villaraza said. “With our EastWest Visa credit and debit cards, we want to ensure that going out and buying essentials will be a safe, secure, and convenient experience for the cardholder.”

Switch to a safer way to pay with the EastWest Visa credit and debit cards. Learn more about it through bit.ly/VisaContactlessPayments. No EastWest Visa credit or debit card yet?  Apply now via our EastWest stores and at www.ewbanker.com.

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