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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

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We all know that the only things that can relax us nowadays is to pamper ourselves at home after a tiring day from work or whatever that keeps us busy all day. Skin care routine can be perplex for some especially if your just getting started but once you get used to it, you will surely enjoy pampering your skin because we really need to do it. If you love watching KDramas, ever wonder why Koreans have really nice skin? One of the reasons is their skincare routine.

Just when you thought nothing could be better than Korean skin care, here comes a brand that’s local, made for Filipina skin, which manufactures its products in Korea! Daebak! 

The brand is no less than Face Republic which has been one of the top brands when it comes to Korean Skin care products, their products is specially designed for Filipino skin. The brand’s CEO is Yohan Kim.

Face Republic noted what we’ve learned and loved from Korean skin care, while at the same time, considers the skin type of Filipinas, and the harmless elements it is usually exposed to, such as the weather, pollution, stress from traffic, not being able to book a ride, the intermittent rain showers and thunderstorms, the government, and “toxic Filipino culture.”

The good news is, Face Republic offers products that are reasonably priced, which also come in sachet variants, so you can test the products first before investing in a bottle, plus the best news is that it is also available at SHOPEE! Hassle free shopping, big discounts and will be delivered straight at your doorstep.

All Face Republic products are made with one goal in mind: to achieve skin that’s as pore-less and flawless as our favorite Korean idols, who seem to look younger and younger with age!

Face Republic has nourishing, healing, and brightening face masks, BB creams, sun protection creams, and facial cleansers. It’s definitely the new brand you’ll be getting your K-essentials from!

Check out some of their best-selling items:

Face Republic AHA/BHA Toner 160mL

Product Description:
🖤 Clears dull and rough skin, good for daily use.
🖤 Alcohol, Paraben, Benzophenone, Chlorphenesin and Fragrance-Free.
Best way to use:
After Cleansing, soak cotton pads and gently sweep over your face in an upward motion, avoiding the eye area.

Face Republic Mild Cleansing Water 160mL

Product Description: 
🖤 Alcohol, Paraben, Benzophenone, Chlorphenesin and Fragrance-Free.
🖤 Cleans make-up and impurities, good for daily use.
🖤A gentle cleanser formulated clean. This Mild Cleansing Water preps your skin by clearing it of make-up, dirt and excess oils on your cleaning or double cleans.
🖤With Poloxamer 18d, a gentle cleansing ingredient that isn't as tough as it sounds. It removes breakout-causing dirt and oils without irritating your skin.
🖤It has antioxidants like Glycine Soja Extract, Soy Seed Extract and Vitamin E that help protect your skin form free-radicals that get in the way of collagen production.
🖤With Panthenol. also known as pro-vitamin BS, to moisturize the skin, it draws water in to the skin and while holding onto it. - 

NOTE: Always cleanse with water after using to remove residue 

Best way to use:
Soak cotton pads and wipe over your face. To clean eye makeup, press on your lids for a few seconds and gently swipe to the outer corner of your eye. Wash off with water.

Product Description:

🖤With the soothing effects of Centella Asiatica to moisturize damaged and irritated skin.

🖤A lightweight gel that helps soothe and ease skin troubles. It has a deeply hydrating formula minus the stickiness.

🖤Ingredients like Centella Asiatics Extract and Tea Tree Oil eases skin inflammation while healing small wounds and acne scars.

🖤Moisturizing reduces the chances of skin irritation and problems. With Sodium Hyaluronate, the skin absorbs and holds more onto water like a sponge, givir Hydro,ethyl stabilizes oils to forma gel formula giving you that non-sticky and cottony finish. Perfect even on hot and humid days. 

Direction to use: 

- Gently pat onto your face, apply after toner, fit for all skin types and daily use.

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