Buy the Surf Power Combo at a Special offer via Shopee! Linis at dobleng bango, wais pa sa presyo!

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Nowadays, shopping online is the most preferred and convenient way to stay at home, worry-free about catching the virus plus, it also saves a lot of time and more bonding time with the family. Buying clothes online specifically at Shopee has been one of my favorite things to do even before the pandemic started and when the clothes arrived, I make it sure that I will wash it first.

I've always been very meticulous when it comes to washing our clothes, thanks to my Mom who taught me really well since she is a #WaisMom, because of that, I also trust the brand that she uses. 

To protect the quality of the clothes that I bought online and even the clothes that I usually wear, I use Surf Active Clean Cherry Blossom and for fabric conditioner, I use Surf Luxe Perfume.

These are the reasons why I go for Surf Active Clean and Surf Luxe Perfume Fabric Conditioner, maximum clean plus double the fragrance that lasts. I am assured that I am truly getting what I paid for, affordable with amazing results - rain or shine! 

How to use:

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