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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Now you can grill anytime and anywhere you want with Gaz lite! Covid-19 pandemic surely has made everyone stay at home for safety and this situation makes everyone think of creative ways how we can all spend quality time with the family and Filipinos love food, the latest craze of Samgyupsal and other grill type  dishes we crave that we can only eat at restaurants seems like a dream now especially if we want to be healthy and safe but with Gaz lite LPG BBQ Grill, we can now have that flavorful dishes right at the comfort of our homes.
Gaz Lite LPG BBQ Grill + 2 Gaz Lite 330g LPG Canisters

The Gaz Lite LPG BBQ Grill combines the efficiency and ease of use of LPG powered burners in a portable grilling set. 

It is the only product of its kind in the market and in the world. This innovation allows consumers to purchase Gaz Lite canisters for use with a starter kit such as the Gaz Lite Eazy Kalan portable stove or BBQ Grill. The company claimed it that it is the first and only government safety-certified and approved LPG canister in the country.

 Once consumed, Gaz Lite LPG canisters are returned to PREI facility and refilled with LPG.

 Gaz Lite was developed as an alternative to solid fuel — or wood and charcoal-based — cooking, as well as to the dangerous refilling of butane canisters with LPG.

Safe and hygienic, it is manufactured using stainless steel to avoid food contamination and does not emit smoke or odor. Functional, easy-to-clean, and portable. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and promises no-fuss grilling. 

Japan-technology Igniter System and Gas System for safe and easy ignition and gas control  U-shaped burner ensures even and uninterrupted distribution of flame with built-in, removable drip pan for convenient and mess-free grilling.

An especially-designed heat distributor ensures even grilling, food is well-cooked 
"Quick Release System" for canister removal and Canister Cover add safety in the event of an emergency.

Gas used: LPG 
Dimensions: H102 x W395 x D225 mm 
Weight: 2.3 kG 
Power: 2.1 kW — 1,800 kcal/hr 
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