Staying at Home? Try the TikTok #POV Challenge and See Things from a Different Perspective

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

While the 30-day “community quarantine” is in effect within Metro Manila, why not make the most of your time and learn new things?

There is a trending challenge on TikTok which offers viewers a myriad of perspectives on situations, scenarios, and circumstances. The TikTok #POV challenge features short form videos that are shot from the watchers’ point of view. This places the audience right in the middle of a scene as a participant and not just a spectator.

Watching TikTok  #POV posts can give off an almost roleplaying feel for the viewer. In a way, you can enjoy being a part of the action for a brief moment. The variety of viewpoints that you can experience when you browse through the #POV hashtag on TikTok is incredible. These videos provide the audience with a unique perspective on everyday things, which you might have never thought about or imagined yourself.

Typically, a #POV video will assign a particular character or persona to the viewer. The post creator sets the scene, and he or she indicates what point of view the video is taking, in the post caption. Here are some awesome sample videos by Filipino TikTok creators, with POVs like a classmate, a school geek, and even someone’s crush.

@yanyandejesus1 POV: You’re the school geek who has a crush on me (the bad boy) for a long time and you decided to confess your feelings for me.
♬ Don't Wanna Fall In Love - KYLE

@jasminealabastro23 ##pov : me and my friends were talking but then we made eye contact 🙈 (you're my crush) ##foryoupage ##tiktokdavao ##tiktokphilippines
♬ Make Me Crazy - goalsounds

@benoftheweek what ur nintendo ds lite sees when u pictochat ur crush (wait till the end lol) ##foryou ##foryoupage
♬ original sound - benoftheweek
Another video where the audience takes on the perspective of an inanimate object is @jae_hwaw’s post, which shows what a cellphone hidden inside his bag supposedly sees. 

For content creators a #POV post gives the ability to speak right at your audience, as if you are communicating with them directly. In a way this adds a deeper, more intimate quality to your interaction, which could also help to drive engagement. You can be as creative as you want to be when making TikTok #POV videos, placing your viewers in all the scenarios you can come up with, from scary to funny to serious and meaningful ones.
  Apart from being entertaining and creative, #POV videos may be used to tackle important issues as well. You may find that certain #POV videos depict scenes that play on different emotions, including positive ones like joy and excitement, and negative feelings such as fear and loneliness. Through these videos, content creators can share valuable messages like how to deal, and where to seek support.
For instance, a #POV video could take the viewpoint of a mirror, and what the viewers will see is actually their reflection. Videos like these may be used to address topics like insecurity and self-image issues. Some great examples are these two posts by @jo_osh and @yazdemand.
@jo_osh pov: the mirror of my insecurities
♬ IDFC - isså.pÿt

@yazdemand ##pov your my mirror after My  family say that “you will always be a boy”😢 ##foryou
♬ original sound - Junkhoe伊

When you share your own #POV content or watch one of the thousands available on TikTok, you are sure to enjoy the unique experience that this online trend can bring. Start looking at things from a new perspective, and create your own #POV videos today. Download TikTok on your iOS and Android devices to get started

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