See how these PayMaya users got more than P1,000 cashback when they paid like Kathryn and Daniel!

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Going cashless has never been this rewarding. 

Take it from PayMaya ambassadors Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla who enjoyed an awesome Balik Bayad experience by simply paying with PayMaya. 

Kathryn once received a whopping P500 cashback when she paid for her online shopping haul with her PayMaya card. Meanwhile, Daniel made use of the convenient Send Money feature on the app and even got a P10 cashback for it.  

Kathryn and Daniel are bonafide Balik Bayad stars – taking advantage of the best rewards while choosing a fast, safe, and hassle-free payment option with PayMaya. Balik Bayad stars like KathNiel not only enjoy convenient cashless transactions, they also receive stacks of cashback each time they pay - making them sulit experts. 

You can be just like them! Take notes from these PayMaya users who became Balik Bayad stars themselves: 

PayMaya user Mara Alyana Real regularly uses PayMaya for her purchases - whether she’s buying grocery, medicines, or paying for her daughter’s tuition fee. Her biggest Balik Bayad? A 100% cashback for more than P900 worth of medicines and food! Mara shares that as soon as she received her cashback, she went to buy more groceries for her daughter. 

PayMaya user Bernadeth Santiago had a similar experience. On Facebook, shared how much she saved by simply paying via PayMaya QR at Mercury Drug. PayMaya users get a P100 cashback for a minimum spend of P500 at the drugstore by paying via QR. This awesome Balik Bayad promo earned Bernadeth P400 savings per month, totalling to P1,200 for three months!  

PayMaya user @_arteetmarte on Twitter also used PayMaya QR when she shopped at Landers. Because PayMaya is the preferred payment option at the Superstore, she got a monumental cashback of P867! That’s 5% cashback from paying via PayMaya QR.  

Getting a PayMaya Balik Bayad isn’t just for shopping. @dangelicalao on Twitter gushed about getting a huge P500 cashback for using PayMaya to pay for her PRC application fee. All she had to do was pay at the PRC website using the mobile number linked to her account. Fast, convenient, and totally rewarding! 

 Meanwhile, PayMaya user Sinjin Pineda received his latest cashback from paying his postpaid bill. He then used some of that to book a ride from a ride-sharing app to earn even more cashback!  

You too can enjoy as much as P300 cashback from simply paying your bills with PayMaya! Just make sure to pay a minimum of P1,000 worth of bills via the PayMaya app on Saturdays and Sundays to get P100 back in your account. You can enjoy this perk thrice a month. 

“Cashbacks are like gifts that keep on giving!” PayMaya user Sinjin shares.  

When asked for his tipid tip to aspiring Balik Bayad stars out there, Sinjin adds: “Use PayMaya as much as possible, because cashbacks come when you least expect it.” 

These different stories prove that with PayMaya, anyone can truly be a Balik Bayad star and enjoy amazing perks by simply choosing a fast, safe, and convenient payment option. 

Being a Balik Bayad star is totally easy — just download the PayMaya app from the App Store or Google Play, register your own account, and pay conveniently online or in-stores to get the best rewards! Remember, to become a Balik Bayad star, don’t pay cash, PayMaya! 

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