MARS PA MORE now on GMA Network at morning slot with Camille Prats, Iya Villania and guest host Chariz Solomon

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Waking up everyday to do our daily grind - chores, work, taking care of family, meeting the hustle and bustle of the city starting with traffic and commuting. Just thinking about all these makes you want to just sleep around all day but if you have something to watch out for every morning, then all of these are worth enduring right?

One of the longest running talk show via GMA News TV channel 11 is now moving to GMA Network with a bigger offering with familiar and awesome hosts. MARS has been around for almost 7 years and this time around, they are promising an even more wonderful show in the mornings.

Camille talks about how MARS will now evolve into something even more worth watching in every household every morning. Iya Villania will now be part of Mars along side Camille since Suzie Abrera is a mainstay of Unang Hirit. Instead of just "MARS" alone, they added "PA MORE" just to add more flavor to the show, adding more segments like kids portion on how to bond more with kids and features on different talented kids and other new topics each day. The focus is all about parents and their family with kids. More guidance to the children and family aspects. 

 Iya Villania-Arellano
Camille Prats-Yambao

MARS Pa More will also feature different guests and guests hosts, one of them will be Kapuso star Chariz Solomon who is a very versatile actress and also a Mom. According to Chariz, she's been one of the most avid follower of Mars and has been one of the chosen guests hosts most of the time when one of the host is not around. She added that she has learned a lot from the show and she also enjoys working with Camille, Suzie and Iya. Aside from that, Chariz has a very pleasing personality, she is bubbly and knows very well how to interact with the audience as well as the viewers. 

Another favorite segment in MARS which will stay as they transfer to a new timeslot and channel is the "MASHADOW". This segment features blind items about different actors and actress and what we can all learn from it. According to Camille, this segment is one of the most awaited on their show and there are times some of their co-actors are also curious about the blind items and there are many times that they too, didn't really know who they are featuring on the said segment. 

Both Iya and Camille are busy with family life and their respective shows but they make it a point to balance everything so that they will always have time for their family especially their children. Camille is expected to give birth anytime soon which is why she is also very excited. Aside from this, both Camille and Iya are good friends. They bond and share advice to each other based from their experience even when they are not together because they constantly connect online. 

What sets MARS PA MORE part from other morning shows is that both Camille and Iya are  modern, young moms, but they have very different backgrounds and life experiences. They are very engaging people, and are naturally curious. Their combination, and guests, will bring an interesting mix of views and opinions that the viewers will enjoy.

Catch MARS PA MORE weekdays Mondays to Fridays starting July 8 from 8:50 to 9:20 am via GMA Network.

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