Gabbi Garcia on ArtisTakeover: From Fashion tips to What were you thinking and pranking a Kapuso actor

Friday, June 28, 2019

This month of June, Gabbi Garcia takes over GMA Network’s Instagram showcasing her titles Millennial It Girl and Global Endorser. 

Gabbi Garcia’s ArtisTakeover

In this 2-part feature, she gets to express herself through fashion, beauty and lifestyle while the audience gets to see a more personal side. There’s definitely more to discover about Gabbi—more than the glam, there is one strong independent woman to watch out for. 

On the part 1 special of Gabbi Garcia AtistTakeover, Gabbi shared what's on her camera roll, meaning what are some of her precious kept pictures like her cat Mandy who is now 1 year old then her close friends, a picture of her when she auditioned for Starstruck Kids and according to her, "di ako nakuha!" and we all know why, because God has a bigger plan for her. Then there's a photo in Dapitan, her practicing firing a gun. 

Gabbi Garcia also proved that she's a "MILLENNIAL IT GIRL". How? She can pull off any fashion statement, she is an advocate of body positivity and self-love, she is definitely more than just a pretty face, she's a global endorser and lastly she's a cutie but toughie. All of these list truly proves how Gabbi Garcia has come a long way from where she started. She definitely deserves where she is right now because of all her hard work and professionalism, teens will be surely inspired by how she brings up herself and above all, she also pushes women empowerment because of her advocacy and confidence. 

Gabbi also shared fashion tips on how to get away with a formal or casual wear, I'm sure every woman out there has this struggle of how we can always look different starting from our wardrobe and accessories and by watching this mini-video, you'll learn a lot from her.

Lastly, MILLENNIAL SPEAK with Gabbi. She will educate you on how some millennials nowadays uses some words, terms and slangs and acronyms that they use when they converse or chat.  Examples are My TED Talk, triggered, woke and TBH (to be honest).

On the part 2 of Gabbi ArtisTakeover, Gabbi takes on "what were you thinking?" as she comments on her throwback photos. It was really funny how she reacted on her past photos and she looks so cute and "nene" too. You would see how natural Gabbi is on her reactions.

There's also a part when Gabbi Garcia is highlighted as a Morena Beauty and she is, I really hope she stays morena because most women right now dreams of having a fair white skin and there's nothing wrong with it but fewer Filipinas gets proud of having a brown skin which sets apart Filipinos. Gabbi Garcia surely knows how to make Filipinos proud of our very own skin color.

Gabbi Garcia reacted on some headline like her look-a-like Michelle Dee, breaking stereotypes with new and upcoming roles, taking a stand against make up shaming, sexy photo in Bohol, all praises for her 24 Oras segment hosting,her as an effective endorser and lastly her comment on being a beauty queen material. 

Lastly, Gabbi Garcia pranks a Kapuso actor! Find out who and his reaction as well!

All in all, I've seen Gabbi Garcia from the moment she started and up until now, we're interviewed her several times and she's still the bubbly, full of energy and nice Gabi that we know. Her blessings keeps on coming and she totally deserves it because she's very hard working and always ready to give her very best. 

Don't miss this fun episodes of Gabbi Garcia Artistakeover! Follow GMA Network's Instagram account for more details!

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