SYLVIAHERA features Ms. Sylvia Sanchez in a flavorful journey starting December 25 via Casa Nieves.TV

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Don't we all want to trace our roots at some point in our lives, especially if we want to rekindle the past especially our childhood days when we are free spirited and we are step by step learning the ways on how we can be a better adult in the future. 

This is the goal of the Meryl Streep of the Philippines, no less than Ms. Sylvia Sanchez as she embarks on a new journey in "SYLVIAHERA", a video documentation of her adventures which are unscripted, all-natural and spontaneous, like you've never seen her before which viewers can watch via YouTube and Facebook. 

According to Direk Dante Nico Garcia who directed the award winning movie "Ploning", this is the perfect venue for Sylvia to explore more the social media and that she will not be left behind with the latest technology. They were close friends since Esperanza days with Judy Anne Santos and he added, this is the first time, for many years that they bonded since they've been traveling a lot for the said web series. 

Ms. Sylvia shared that "Sylviahera" is not all about cooking, it's about traveling and tracing her roots, meeting old and new people, learning different cultures and recipes and all of it will be documented unscripted and the show goes on with or without errors, she even added that there are scenes where she forgot some of the terms in English or she will be speaking in Bisaya and more. She missed this side of her life since  for the past year, she has been very busy with her showbiz career, from The Greatest Love to Hanggang Saan and movies in between plus endorsements, it's been a hectic but she's not complaining and she still manages to balance her work with family life, isn't she a wonder woman? 

"Sylviahera" is a web series that features Jojo Campo, a simple girl from the town of Nasipit, Agusan Del Norte in the island of Mindanao who became an actress known as Sylvia Sanchez and eventually married a man from a traditional Spanish family. 

Presently, two of her kids namely Arjo Atayde and Ria Atayde already followed her footsteps in the entertainment industry and she is already feeling the struggle of bringing everyone in the family together to enjoy a meal she prepared. 

One Christmas morning, she went to her hometown alone, built a box that transforms into a one-burner kitchen, and decides to embark into a culinary adventure with a goal of finding ingredients, learning new recipes, and bond with mothers who are also going through the same situation--and eventually rekindle simple, warm moments with the family that she implores to keep together, no matter what,  and it is through food and conversation that she expresses her joy and love for them.

Thankfully, bloggers got the chance to watch the some snippets of the much awaited web special which will be aired exclusively via CASA NIEVES.TV. While watching the said clips, I felt like I was there in Agusan as well with Ms. Sylvia, it was really touching to watch their family live a simple life in the province which is a complete opposite of how they are in the limelight. Ms. Sylvia shared that she made it a point that her children will experience both worlds as they grew up so that they will have a balance outlook in life as they grew up and face the world. For example, Arjo was taught how to catch fishes in the open sea and both Ria and Maria Angela were taught to roast a pig (lechon). She added that if would always pick a vacation in the province compare to any lavish country because she always misses her home.

The first episode of "Sylviahera" will be aired on December 25, which was shot in Agusan Del Norte. Here, you will see cinematic shots of the place, candid shots with the family and some delicious cooking featuring native delicacies and more!

I've met Ms. Sylvia a couple of times in the past for Blogcon and Presscons of her movie or teleserye and each time I am amazed on her simplicity and how humble she is. She treats everyone equally and what you see is what you get, she's spontaneous and frank and she is very thoughtful as well. With her stature in the showbiz industry, not all artists are like her and that made her a gem in the showbiz industry. 

Both Arjo and Ria Atayde are also blessed with different showbiz commitments. This year, both of them are part of the Metro Manila Film Festival. For Arjo - Jack Em Popoy: The Puliscredbles and Ria - The Girl in the Orange Dress. Both will be shown on Christmas Day December 25. 

Sylviahera is a mother’s journey that will tell us that no matter how seldom a family eats together, it is how much love and preparation you put into it that will make it special and memorable.

Streaming on YouTube and Facebook starting December 25.

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