GMA Playlist celebrated its 3rd Year Anniversary with performances by GMA Network's homegrown talents

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Just recently, GMA PLAYLIST celebrated its third year anniversary which is entitled GMA Playlist Act 3: A Thanksgiving Jamming Session at Cities Events Place, it was attended by Bloggers and Kapuso Brigade who enjoyed a night cap full of fun and surprises plus jammisng session with GMA Network's brightest stars and singers. The event was hosted by Papa Obet from Barangay LS 97.1, Maricris Garcia and Mikee Quintos.

GMA Playlist has been the people’s online tambayan for the past 3 years, staging performances of some of the biggest names in the industry. With its growing number of subscribers, GMA Playlist has earned almost 12 million views on the GMA Playlist YouTube channel.  It also got almost half a million views on the GMA Playlist Facebook page during the Playlist Music Month. It has reached millions of audiences via GMA Pinoy TV, Barangay LS 97.1, mall tours and live sessions. It has also expanded through Playlist Extra, Playlist Live, Playlist Soundtrack, Playlist Lyric Video, Playlist Guitar Tutorials, Playlist Remix and Playlist Sessions.

 The performers during the GMA Playlist Act 3 event were Gracenote, Yasser Marta, Ralf King, Mika dela Cruz, Better Days, TOP, JBK, Hannah Precillas, Leanne & Naara, Maricris Garcia, Tala and Mikee Quintos.

TOP: (l-r) Louie Pedroso, Joshua Jacobe, Adrian Pascual, Mico Cruz & Miko Mangubat

Mikee Quintos

Bloggers also got the chance to interview TOP and Mikee Quintos after their performance at the GMA Playlist Act 3: A Thanksgiving Jamming Session.

TOP shared that they're very excited for their upcoming new song which will be released soon, according to Miko, this is not the typical TOP song that people got used to, this is more upbeat with a little of of KPOP inspiration. They're also excited to execute some dance steps to the song as well. Individually, they're also busy with their respective careers, Joshua Jacobe has been an in-house host for most of GMA Network's shows and online programs and according to him, he is enjoying every bit of it, Adrian Pascual on the other hand has done several tv guestings and enjoys his acting stints aside from singing. For Louie, Mico and Miko, they're more focused in singing and also composing songs. Although they wish to be part of Theater plays in the future, they want to be prepared when that day happens which is why they are concentrating more in their singing prowess. 

Many people have known Mikee Quintos as someone who can act and a versatile actress at that but not many people know that she can actually perform and sing LIVE. Mikee performed a live song and according to her the feeling was both overwhelming and exciting all at the same time, she added that singing was really her first love and slowly she wanted everyone to know that she can sing and perform and hopefully she can fully share this side of her soon because she is also composing songs for her upcoming album.

Mikee has been getting a lot of offers in signing a record deal but right now she wanted to focus more on her own music and create her own style when it comes to her genre of songs which is why she like to try self producing since she's into writing her songs, this will all happen soon and fans should really watch out for it.

You can watch the performances via the links below:

1.       Playlist Act 3 Facebook streaming Part 1:
2.       Playlist Act 3 Facebook streaming Part 2:

    The event was sponsored by: Primera Light Brandy, GSM Blue Light Gin, Borcel Media, Jollibee Foods Corporation and Barangay LS 97.1

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