Buhay Carinderia... Redefined: A culinary spectacle that helps promote home-cooked Filipino specialties as part of tourism

Monday, April 16, 2018

CARINDERIA and the affordable home-cooked Filipino specialties they serve have become an integral part of this country's culinary and social identity. I can proudly say that I love eating at carinderia and whenever I travel to local destinations in the country, I always make it a point to eat at carinderia because this is the best way to know more about the dishes of any destination in the city. 

Carinderia offers a glimpse into Filipino's culture and customs - they are the closest to what one gets at Filipino homes, where great recipes are handed down through generations. 

Marylindbert International, Inc. acknowledged this back in 2011 when they initiated a unique advocacy called "Carinderia Fiesta" which was later on renamed "Buhay Carinderia" to help improve the carindera's image, help the entrepreneurs behind them and present their unique style of cooking to a wider audience. 

"Generous portions, affordable prices, short waits and sumptous dishes. Is it any wonder that carinderias are continuously growing everywhere in the country?" says Ms Erlinda Legaspi of Marylindbert International, Inc. who shares that on the 6th staging of the event, "Buhay Carinderia... Redefined" will be more expansive in scope.

COO of Tourism Promotions Board of the Department of Tourism, Mr. Cesar Montano

 Supported for the first time by the Tourism Promotions Board of the Department of Tourism, as its Sole Presenter, this year's event is scheduled to scour the whole country in search for the best of the best in our culinary scene.

There will be five legs before the grand culmination of the event at the latter part of the year.

The first stop will be Vigan in June. Legaspi’s team will curate and showcase carinderias and cooks from 15 provinces of Region 1, Region 2 and the Cordillera Administrative Region, gathering them at the Vigan Convention Center on June 28 and 29.

Next stop will be Central Luzon to showcase the best of Aurora, Bataan, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales. Carinderia owners and home cooks will be gathered at the Laus Events Center in July.

In August, the carinderia owners and operators of the Bicol Region will be in Naga; in September, the best of the Visayas will gather in SMX Cebu; and in October, a grand showcase of the cuisines of the 11 tribes of Mindanao will be presented at SM Lanang Premier in Davao City.

Finally, a grand convention will be held in November or December in Manila. No specific dates or venue have been announced yet.

Ms. Linda Legaspi explains that "Buhay Carinderia... Redefined" is convinced that food plays a key part of all the cultures, a major element of global intangible heritage and an increasingly important attraction for tourists.

Ms. Erlina Legaspi together with the team of Buhay Carinderia is also reaching out to millennials which is why they tapped the famous chef and vlogger Erwan Heussaff as their Content Creator. 

Being a restaurant and bar investor, an online personality, the husband of actress and TV host Anne Curtis and brother of actress Solenn Heussaff, he has managed to create his own food and beverage niche and he is known for creating a healthier alternative when it comes to preparing food.  Aside from his popularity, he has long been an advocate of healthy eaqting, promoting balance diet and healthy lifestyle by being active always.

According to Ms. Erlinad Legaspi, Erwan clearly represents their advocacy" to focus and understand the history of local dishes; to popularize the use of natural and native ingredients;  and to accentuate Filipino home-cooked flavours." 

"The linkages between food and tourism also provides a platform for national but also regional economic development. These days anyone could notice the focus of many tourists has changed from the classic "must see" physical sights such as natural wonder wonders or monuments towards a must-experience" imperative to consume intangible expressions of culture."

With the help of Tourism Promotions Board and the city's or town's ongoing appetite for celebrating its culinary roots, the future is bound to be just as delicious. 

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