Sarah Geronimo makes a Jollibee comeback with Don’t forget the hashtag video

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

After releasing a series of viral videos, Jollibee now features its long-time celebrity endorser Sarah Geronimo in a full-production commercial worthy of its own hashtag. The newest clip shows the Popstar Royalty shining on stage while singing “Don’t forget the hashtag” and dialing the leading fast food chain’s nationwide express delivery hotline, #8-7000.

The advertisement is a follow-up to the video “Isang Number Para saPinas”,which featured Sarah alongside promising young performers Juan KarloLabajo and Elmo Magalona.

“Kinareertalaganamin'yungrehearsals. Kaya sanakapaglumabasna ‘yungcommercial, magustuhan ng tao at siyempremasubukan din nilangmagpa-deliver sa Jollibee. (We really put in a lot of effort during the rehearsals. I hope that when this video comes out, people will like it and, of course, try Jollibee delivery themselves.)

The total performer shares her excitement in doing the TVC, especially to show Filipinos how easy it is to ordertheir langhap-sarapfavoritesand have it delivered from anywhere in the country, by dialing just one number. 

Being a fan of well-loved treats like Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti, and Peach Mango Pie, she recallstrying to get the numbers straight just so she and her friends can order their favorites. 

“Naaalalakonanaka-post sa refnamin‘yongflyer na may number ng pinakamalapitna Jollibee branch saamin. Taposnagkaroon ng 8-7000 sa Metro Manila. Swertenalangngayonkasi may #8-7000 na Jollibee Delivery Hotline narin at lahatna, from Luzon to Mindanao, pwedenamagpadeliver.Kailanganlangpindutinyung #, walanang area code.” (We used to rely on Jollibee flyers and saved the number of the Jollibee nearest us. Then 8-7000 was launched in Metro Manila. Luckily, we have #8-7000 now which allows us to call in Jollibee anywhere, from Luzon to Mindanao. We just need to press the “#” first and we don’t need area codes anymore).

Touring the country for mall shows, appearances, and multiple commitments, Sarah finds convenience in using one number for great-tasting and consistently satisfying food from Jollibee Delivery.

“Ibatalaga ‘yungJollibee eh. Isipinmo,isang dial langsa #8-7000, matitikmanmoulit‘yungfavorite mo. Masaya na‘pag nag-crave ako ng Chickenjoy, mabilislang, tatawagna lang.” (Jollibee is really one-of-a-kind. Imagine, you just have to dial #8-7000 and you can already have your favorites delivered. I feel happy whenever I crave for Chickenjoy. It’s very accessible, I just need to call.) 

Sarah gladly shares her secret to remembering Jollibee’s nationwide hotline. “Naalalako because of our latest jingle, masayapakinggan!” (I remember it because our latest jingle is just fun to listen to!)

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