Meant To Be starring Barbie Forteza Premieres January 9 via GMA Telebabad

Friday, January 06, 2017

Barbie Forteza which is a promising actress of GMA Network has been doing different niches when it comes to her acting prowess. She is indeed very good at what she does which is why she has been given numerous recognition through the years. Just recently, she has done an indie film and is now part of the Walk of Fame located at Eastwood, Libis. 

Even though she's been known to do drama roles, Barbie has been doing a lot of comedy-kilig assignments lately, she is part of Sunday PinaSaya where you can see how lively she is making people happy.

 Coming soon is Meant To Be, set to premiere on GMA Primetime this coming January 9. Barbie’s character is caught in the middle between four good-looking men. One of the interesting themes the teleserye will present is courtship — it could be in typical Filipino style or in the millennial fashion. The soap also touches on such ideas as “love is universal and knows no boundaries and language, since the four men as Barbie's character put in are like "United Nations" because of their different races. 

In the story, Barbie plays the role of "Billie". She is a typical millennial with lots of issues in her life, balancing different work so that she can earn money and help her family spcifically her Mom (Manilyn Reynes). Her dream is to become a news reporter and although her parents are separated (Keempee De Leon is her father), she doesn't lose hope that her parents will be together again someday and she also hopes that her brother (Sef Cadayona) will finally puruse his dream job since he's been taking different courses each year.

However, her life turns upside down when she met by accident the four guys who happens to be rich and popular. Ken Chan, Jak Roberto, Addy Raj and Ivan Dorschner.

 Addy Raj plays the role of "Jai Patel". He is from Mumbai, India. He is very hyper and always on the go. He loves women and is tagged as the "chick boy" of the group since he is very friendly towards women. Though he exerts energy all the time, he doesn't take life that seriously which he will learn in the process as the story progress.

Jak Roberto is "Andoy Dela Cruz". The only Pinoy in the group. Among the 4, he is the only one who belongs in the middle class. Shy type to the point of being "Torpe". He always follows what everyone asks him to do because he is that nice. His grandmother is 
Ms. Gloria Romero in the series.

The new Kapuso hunk which is now under GMA Artist Center is Ivan Dorschner. He will play the role of "Ethan Spencer-Hughes" from United Kingdom. He grew up in London with his Dad. He is the perfect and ideal guy. Charming and girl-magnet. The perfect boyfriend material which is why most women loves to hang out with him and get to know him but, he is a one woman man, he is loyal. He inherited a big amount of money from his dad and decided to stay in the Philippines for good and invest his money into business. 

Lastly, Ken Chan plays the role of "Yuan Lee". The Chinoy-Mysterious-Bad boy of the group. You may seldom see him smile, most of the time grumpy because he has a lot og angst in his life, being part of a Chinese family gives him a lot of issues in life since he wants to gives his best in every field so that he may gain praise and recognition from his Tycoon Dad who seems to treat him like he was invisible since he is the illegitimate son. Because of this, he always pour out his frustrations to other things like sports, women and business. 

These men doesn't know that a certain girl named Billie will make their life exciting and full of life in the coming days. They will learn more how to value life and live life to the fullest.
Who will be the lucky guy who will sweep Billie off his feet?
I was present during the Media preview of Meant to Be and it was really a feel-good series. Light-funny and full of kilig scenes. Although some people may compare this series to Meteor Garden and Boys Over Flowers because of the 4 boys and one girl set up, Meant to Be makes it unique because it's so much more than that!  It focuses on the Filipino culture that we have, on how Billie will concentrate on her priorities in life, how to handle love and friendship and how a millennial handles different struggles in life. I love the selection of the characters: Jak, Addy, Ivan and Ken. They perfectly fit their roles. Ken is totally outstanding as the "Suplado" and mysterious guy. Although we only get to watch 2 episodes, I am really excited to watch the following episodes soon! 

Also part of the cast is Mika Dela Cruz (sister of Angelika Dela Cruz). She will play the cousin of Billie and the daughter of Tina Paner who is the sister of Ms. Manilyn Reynes. 

Don't miss the premiere episode of MEANT TO BE this coming JANUARY 9 replacing Someone to Watch Over Me via GMA TELEBABAD.

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