Bossing Vic Sotto is the new Endorser of Chooks to Go: Ang ulam na uwi na 'di basta-basta!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Veteran actor andTV show host, “Bossing” Vic Sotto, has stood as an icon for countless brands. From homecare supplies to local beverage products, Vic’s charismatic appeal and conviction has propelled corporations, as well as himself, into a level of unmatched reliability.

The Chooks-To-Go Moms-On-The-Go launch was held at Shangri-la Edsa and was hosted by super Moms Suzi Abrera and Camille Pratts.

Delamar Arias was also present during the event. She shared her experience on how to balance work and being a Mom at the same. She said it was hard for her since it was hard for her but she needs to multi-task things so that she can accomplish chores all at the same thime, good thing, one of her favorites Chooks-To-Go, helps her in finding that perfect "ulam" whenever she's on the go.

Vic Sotto, on the other hand, consistently lived-up to his “Bossing” moniker, as an authority and someone whom Filipinos trust for everyday products. This time, the comedian partners with Bounty Agro Ventures, Inc. (BAVI)—the second largest poultry integrator locally—as the newest brand endorser of Chooks-to-Go, the country’s leading and fastest-growing oven-roasted chicken chain with more than a thousand stores nationwide.

Check out the road to success of Chooks-to-Go

With its “Hindi ka Nag-Uuwi ng Ulam na Basta-basta Lang” campaign, built on the premise of being “MasarapKahitWalang Sauce”, Chooks-to-Go and Bossing brings ready-to-go, oven-roasted quality chicken closer to Filipino moms as their take-home ulam of choice that will surely delight the family.

“When you say ‘ready-to-go’ and ‘quality food’, it should come with a great serving, taste, and nutrition. Importante ‘yun kasi hindi puwedeng basta-basta lang ang maiuwing pagkain para sa pamilya,”said Vic. “Kung gusto mongmanok, there’s Chooks-to-Go. Malamanangmanoknila, hindi basta-basta. And the best part—‘paghinain mo na, ‘yun na ‘yun, hindi mo na kailangan ng sauce.”

Vic Sotto's interview:

As an admirer of hardworking Filipinos, especially moms, Bossing Vic recognizes the effortsmade in order to provide food on the table. “Basta hardworking, ako’ysaludo, especially for moms because they exert double effort,” the actor said. “That’s why for the times when they can’t cook and kids want delicious food, dumaankalangng Chooks-to Go, okay kana.”

Practical, affordable, and delicious food to-go, Chooks-to-Go’s superior-quality, oven-roasted chicken goodness brings a fresh and healthy ulamfix to many Filipino households, which, even Vic could not escape. “Personally, I didn’t think twice about promoting this product because Chooks-to-Go is also my wife’s favorite,” Sotto admitted. “Aside from the taste, the price of one whole chicken for the family is reasonable—kayang-kaya eh. Ayos ka na, nag-enjoy ka na, na sarapan ka pa, at naka tipid ka pa!”

Endorsing is one thing, but attesting to a product as a part of one’s daily life is a different story. And with Vic’s proven and reliable track record of promoting a product or brand he uses and trusts, families are in for a treat as moms are set to bring home hindilangbasta-basta take-home ulam, but Chooks-to-Go’s oven-roasted chicken that’s always masarapkahitwalang sauce.

“We are very excited to have Vic as our endorser because he really believes in the products he promotes,” said BAVI president Ronald Mascariñas. “With Chooks-to-Go and Bossing together, we have a great opportunity to support hardworking moms with a go-to take-home ulam of choice that’s affordable, healthy, and delicious.”

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