POWERHOUSE: Pinoy World-Class Performers Concert at The Theatre Solaire on October 28!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Two of the most powerful voices of today namely Your Face Sounds Familiar second placer Michael Pangilinan and The Next Big Diva Morissette Amon will perform at The Theatre Solaire with The Journey's Arnel Pineda, X-Factor UK Finalist The 4th Impact and Grand Champion of Jap-Pinoy Star Quest of ABS-CBN Mayumi with T.O.M.S. Band will be giving their best show yet in "POWERHOUSE" A Concert of World Class Pinoy Performers which will happen on October 28.

Lucky 7 Koi Productions Inc. produced this exciting event. They are a group of friends of Solaire Resort and Casino who also loves Music and would do anything just to give everyone the best concert we can possibly imagine. This will be their very first venture and they chose the very best which is also a mutual decision of the board. During the Press Conference of Powerhouse Concert, Michael Pangilinan and Morissette Amon were present and according to one of the members of the Lucky 7 Koi Production Inc, they chose Michael and Morrissette because they are also big fans of these two young and very talented artists. They have watched them perform in the past and they know both of them will give out their best for this spectacular show. 

They already have a song in mind that they want Michael and Morissette to sing on the concert but that would just be 1 or 2 songs because both Michael and Morissette will be be doing different genre of songs but they want to assure everyone that this will be completely different from the shows they do in the past. They will sing some of their original songs since Michael Pangilinan recently launched his newest album.

According to Lucky 7 Koi Productions, they entitled the concert "Powerhouse" because to begin with it is indeed a powerhouse artists, plus the performance will surely be a standout from the rest. They chose only the best plus Arnel Pineda and the 4th Impact are world class artists, what more can we ask for.

When asked how do Michael and Morissette feel since they will be sharing the stage with Arnel Pineda, Michael said that he is like one of the icons that he looks up to and he feels really blessed to perform with him and also to perform at Solaire, it is also a big privilege for him. As for Morissette, she said that it really makes her feel warm inside because she stated that ever since she came from Cebu, one by one all her dreams have finally come true and to share the stage with the Arnel Pineda, it's also a dream come true for her.

Michael Pangilinan also won the hearts of many ever since he won as 2nd place in Your Face Sounds Familiar infact he is also called Ang Bagong Kilabot ng mga Kolehiyala. When asked how he manages to transform into something more confident whenever he performs he said that he always wants to gives his best when he performs plus he updates himself with the latest trends and songs and he never fails to vocalize as well so that he can be the best when he performs. 

As for Morissette, she never thought that she would reach this point of her career that she will be known because of her talent, she added that she sacrificed a lot just to get where she is right now, her parents even left Cebu and their respective jobs just to be with her here in Manila.

Both of Michael and Morissette are preparing for the Powerhouse: A Concert of World Class Pinoy Performers, they are currently selecting the set of songs they will perform. 

Watch the teaser performance of Michael Pangilinan:

Watch the teaser performance of Morissette Amon:

Don't miss this once in alifetime concert at the Theatre of Solaire Resort and Casino on October 28, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. For tickets, call ticketworld 891-9999 or visit https://www.ticketworld.com.ph

Ticket Prices:
V V I P P 7,315
V I P P 5,225
Zone A P 4,180
Zone B P 3,135
Zone C P 2,090
Zone D P 1,254

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