Magkaibang Mundo Set Visit: Juancho Trivino & Louise Delos Reyes

Saturday, August 27, 2016

We all know how Filipinos loves fairy tales, folklore, and fantasy stories which is why fantaserye is one of the top must watched in the Philippine Entertainment scene. Magkaibang Mundo is a drama about how love blossomed between a human being and a dwark which stars GMA Artist Center stars Juancho Trvino and Louise Delos Reyes. 

During the Bloggers set visit, we got the chance to have an intimate talk with the lead stars and we were updated with the latest happenings in their showbiz career and their respective roles in Magkaibang Mundo.

 Finally, a lead role for Juancho Trivino which is according to him worth the wait. 
23 yeard old Juancho has been under GMA Artist Center since 2012 and has been appearing in different teleserye as a supporting actor, thankfully, he has been blassed with different wonderful acting stints for the past months. He can do comedy roles which is his first love as well, it was a great opportunity for him to be part of Bubble Gang, then he was part of Little Nanay as well where he got the chance to work with veteran stars like Bembol Rocco and no other than Ms. Nora Aunor. Plus, he also have segments in Unang Hirit.

Now that he's landed on a leading role via GMA Afternoon Prime's Magkaibang Mundo, he believes his acting abilities was really tested now that he is working with Louise Delos Reyes, he shared how passionate and hardworking Louise is and she is very serious when it comes to her craft, he was inspired with her motivation and at the same time he wanted to give back how she acts on screen. He added that the chemistry between them is there and it was nice to be working side by side with her because he is comfortable working with nice and beautiful people. Juancho, however, never denies that he needs more practice when it comes to tackling emotional scenes. He said that Drama is really hard especially when you need to cry but nevertheless he learns everyday.

The Kapuso actor at first got a bit surprised with his workloads but he is definitely not complaining, he said that he is ready for anything, he still goes for conitnues workshop so that he would learn more plus he is looking forward to do more projects in the future because he believes that he is still in the stage of wanting to prove himself. He thanks GMA Network for giving him a chance to do a lead role in return he wants to give back that trust as well.

Juancho added that he is also into basketball, when not busy in taping, he managaes a basketball league as well. He also prepared to be part of Cosmo Bachelor bash unfortunately it didn't push through this year but he is hoping to be part next year though which is why he is serious in keeping his body lean and buff. 

Juancho was a Business Management student at La Salle when he decided to take a leave of absence. “Probably, I will continue (my studies) after Magkaibang Mundo. Iba pa rin kasi if you are a degree holder. I still have 30 units left. Maybe I will be able to graduate after a year and a half.” Juancho is also part of a movie in Metro Manila Film Festival with Vhong Navarro, where he can show again his comedic abilities so do watch out for it.

Watch his interview here:

Juancho plays the role of Elfino/ Ellias "Inoy" Cruz in Magkaibang Mundo.

Louise Delos Reyes has been one of GMA Network's top pick actress when it comes to GMA Afternoon Prime, her very first fantaserye was in fact opposite Alden Richards in Alakdana.
After that, series of teleserye has been offered to her and since then, drama has been her forte and she added, she never stops learning new things on how she would deal with every character she plays.

According to Louise, her love team with Juancho was a breath of fresh air since this is the first time they've worked together and he is his leading man as well, although she added that they knew each other off screen and are also close friends. She knows that Juancho is very dedicated in acting which is why she is comfortable working with him. Although most of her roles are somehow alike, being the "inaapi" girl all the time, Louise said that it's on how she tackles the issue of her character, with Makaibang Mundo, she said she cried buckets and working side by side by Direk Gina Alajar was really challenging as well for her because she knows that she needs to give her best. She also said that she can somehow relate to her role because like Pepay, she loves her Mom so much and she can't imagine herself away from her since Pepay is longing for the love of her own Mom.

Louise has been a part of GMA Network's Cyber bullying campaign which is #HeartOverHate where Team Girls dominated and won. She said that she is proud and happy that she became part of this campaign because she also experienced being bullied online, saying that it's always good not to retaliate back bad vibes to people who really don't know anything about you but when things got nasty and when they start picking on her family, she then tends to fight back, saying that her family has nothing to do with her showbiz career, they can bully her anyway they like just don't mess with her family. Louise said that her career bloomed because she is also hard working and she loves this craft so much which is why she will do anything just to protect it.

Louise is also balancing her career with Blogging since she has been an active Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger as well. She said that she feels happy that some teens looks up to her as their mentor and she is more challenged to always update her Instagram feed with amazing shots. She also loves to meet new people and she is will also launch her vlog soon with make up tutorials hopefully and more travel posts on her blog. Louise added than acting and her blog fuels her to be better each day.

Watch her interview here:

Louise Delos Reyes plays the role of Princess "Pepay" Sandoval in 
Magkaibang Mundo.

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