Lancaster New City May Forever: Kasalang Bayan 2016

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Everyone has their own "Dream Wedding", for me I want it to be magical. Being single myself, I got teary eyed every time I attend a wedding, why? simply because I find the couple very lucky to finally find one another. There are hundreds of people in the world, even millions and to finally find the right one for you is I guess, something that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Just last week, I experience yet again another heart-warming Kasalang Bayan at Lancaster New City, located at the heart of Cavite City. It was attended by 17 couples. The ceremony happened at Church of the Holy Family Chapel inside Lancaster New City, Cavite.

These 17 couples were pre-selected by Lancaster New City, owned by ProFriends (Property Company of Friends, Inc.), a real estate company. They were asked to pass requirements and after days of waiting, they were selected to undergo some seminar, counseling then it's been a whirlwind of activities. From doing pre-nuptial videos and photos down to the main event. Lancaster New City shoulder all the expenses, from the ceremony to the reception, giveaways and even their wedding cake! How wonderful can that be?

This Kasalang Bayan held at Church of the Holy Family Chapel at Lancaster New City gave the couple an experience that they will forever cherish for the rest of their lives. This is just perfect since some of the couples have been dreaming of a church wedding but due to lack of funds, they can't pursue this dream. This is marks the 17th anniversary of Lancaster New City thus they picked 17 couples. True to mission of valuing the core of Family as one of the basic foundation in our society, they held this wonderful Kasalang Bayan to support the couples in building their family with the blessing of the church.

The newly weds at Church of the Holy Family Chapel

Just when you think everything is perfect at the wedding ceremonial, when we reached the reception at Leighton Hall just infront of Church of the Holy Family Chapel, everything was indeed magical! It looks so elegant! It's as if I am attending the wedding of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, that's how beautiful the arrangement of everything, from the theme down to every part of the menu served. 

The food was excellent, everyone was having the time of their lives especially the couples since they were treated like royal couples too. The reception was even more memorable because of the music plus the couples even did a sweet dance number as well.

We also got the chance to interview one of the 17 couples who got married that day. Meet Jone and Jocelyn. "Naiilang ako sa tuwing magkasama kami kasi malayo ang agwat namin sa isa't isa." According to Jocelyn. They  were 12 years apart. People were saying all sorts of things against their age gap but they do not to listen to them and just held on to the love that they have.  After two years of dating, they decided to move in together. They were blessed with a daughter after three years.

Congratulations to the newly weds! There's a new reason to believe that there's such a thing as "May Forever" May your love for one another last eternally!

Lancaster New City offers the best place for couples who wanted to start something new. If they are planning to get married in the future, Lancaster New City is ideal for a magical and kilig overload wedding. It is open not only for Lancaster New City residents and Cavite residents but also to other couple living in Metro Manila and across the Philippines. The Church of the Holy Family Chapel is well ventilated, safe and has a big seating capacity perfect for the whole family, friends and colleagues. Leighton Hall is also the perfect venue for the reception it can hold a lot of guests and you can arrange the specific
 theme you want as well.

After the wedding, it’s ideal for married couples to move out from parents or in-laws and establish your own home. But it needs careful decision-making. You and your spouse will need to consider location, type of home, price and the quality of the community, among others.

As you begin to shop, identify the things you actually need in a home and the ones that you just want. Narrow down your options. Calculate the costs. Check out various communities.

These days, real estate developers are building communities that are not only affordable but also family-centered. One neighborhood that’s known for this is Lancaster New City in Cavite. Dubbed as “The Family-Friendly City".

The life your family completely deserves is waiting for you at Lancaster New City Cavite. I am crossing my fingers that one day I will be able to own a home at Lancaster New City and be part of their growing community. 

For more information about Lancaster New City, you may visit our website at or call us at 491-7700.

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