Dont' Miss Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Touching Finale Tomorrow July 15!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Time really flies so fast. It's the finale week of Hanggang Makita Kang Muli which stars Bea Binene in one of her most challenging role to date. Bea played the role of Ana Medrano, a feral child isolated from human contact for a long time. The series also stars Derrick Monasterio as Calvin Manahan, a compassionate psychology student who found Ana in the heart of the woods while hiking.

Having been isolated from humans at a very young age, with just a dog as companion, Ana has little or no experience concerning human care, behavior or language.

Bea admitted it’s a very interesting role, for which she underwent rigorous workshops. “I learned a lot from Direk Laurice. It’s really a big honor to be working with her. Na-challenged talaga ako sa role na ito and madami din ako na-realize after doing this especially after learning things about a feral child. Hindi talaga siya madali. It's one of those experiences na di ko makakalimutan." She added that it was an unforgettable feeling and she feels fulfilled that she got the chance to portray this role because the response of the people who watched the teleserye from day 1 was remarkable and rewarding.

Since she's a good friend of Derrick Monasterio from the start, this was the first time that they've worked as a love team in a teleserye, how was it? Bea said Derrick was is very professional and she discovered that when he is working on a difficult scene, he gets tensed which is why he makes it sure to study the script really well.

Right now, after the teleserye, Bea might go back to school since August will be the start of the new semester. She also have a show via GMA News TV with Ms. Vicky Morales. She is also busy with her new bag business "The Style Bin" with her business partner L.A. Ferriols. They have a lot of stylish and affordable bags that you will surely love aside from her another business which is "Bea Bakes" since she also bakes cupcakes.

Moreover, Bea said that she will definitely miss her co-stars in Hanggang Makita Kang Muli, they've created a bond and they communicate all the time especially via viber. Bea is also thankful to her loyal supporters that has been there through the years. She even said that her fans has been doing a lot of wonderful things to her and she couldn't be more grateful.

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It has been a roller coaster ride for Kim Rodriguez since she has played different Bida roles and then shifting to a Kontrabida role. She said during the interview that it was challenging for her, "nakakapanibago kasi yung tipong lagi kang galit, lagi mainit ulo mo, yung role nadadala mo na sa bahay mo parang ganun, pero sobrang na-eenjoy ko sya. Since sobrang fan ako ni Ms. Ina Feleo, nagpapatulong po ako sa kanya, dami ako natutunan sa kanya kaya feeling ko naman effective ako sa part na yun madami din nagagalit 
sa role ko." 

Kim added even though it was hard to be a kontrabida to a friend like Bea Binene, she has to do it which is why the moment the camera starts rolling, she's Claire and not Kim anymore, all she was thinking is that she is not Bea but she is Angela. Direk Neil also taught her and guided her on her first kontrabida role. Kim added it's okay if she will get another kontrabida role in the future since there are roles that can be dubbed as Bida-Kontrabida. She would also love to do action roles in the future. 

Kim is also very thankful to her fans that are very supportive of her even though she is doing a kontrabida role. Kim will go back to school after the sopa, after taking up Culinary, she will now take Fashion Design since it's a personal interest and it will also help her in the field of her work which is the showbiz industry. 

When Kim was asked, sinong gusto nyang makitang muli, she answered her dad. Since they are seprated and already have their family of their own, she rarely see him and hoping that she can spend more time with him in the future. 

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Jak said he will definitely miss his co-actors because they're all good friends. In a span of 6 months, they've been doing the same things and sharing a lot of memories together . Loyal viewers of this show should really watch till it's last day so that they will know what's in store for Angela. Who will she pick in the end and who is the real kontrabida in the end. Jak loved his character and doing a third wheel role between Bea and Derrick is also memorable since they shared a lot of intense scenes together.

Jak said that one of the things he discovered about her is that she is really good in memorizing lines. In a snap of minutes she can deliver lines plus she's a very good actress since she can shift different emotions as well. "Bea Binene is Bea Binene, magaling talaga siya." Jak said that he also makes it a point that he bonds with his fans online, he talks to them via Twitter or even via Facebook and Instagram. You can also catch Jak in Unang Hirit, Bubble Gang and Dear Uge.

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Don't miss “Hanggang Makita Kang Muli” as it comes to its touching finale tomorrow.

As the series comes to an end, will Ana finally be reunited with her real parents Evelyn (Angelika dela Cruz) and Larry (Raymart Santiago)? Will Odessa (Ina Feleo) remain evil till the very end?

Catch the finale of “Hanggang Makita Kang Muli” tomorrow after “Magkaibang Mundo” on GMA Afternoon Prime.

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