CELETEQUE: #DermoBeautiful 10th Year Anniversary Mission Accomplished!

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Last June 2, Celeteque celebrated its 10th year anniversary at Bayanihan Center, Mandaluyong City. It was indeed a  event.

I had so much fun unfolding the skin mysteries through Céleteque's dermatological products solutions. I find the whole concept of the Classified Dermo Mission really cool, we need to finish the three tasks before we get to know what surprise we will be getting in the end of the task. For the first mission, we need to know more about the products then head over to a make over.

Co-created with dermatologists and curated beauty experts, Céleteque prides itself for its DermoScience and DermoCosmetics lines, both a collection of dermo-grade products that promise to make you #DermoBeautiful.

What Céleteque Dermo does is offer customized skin care solutions for every skin type. It sits at forefront of innovation and uses only the latest derma-grade ingredients and technologies to consistently release new products and improve existing ones in order to promote skin health. Each product is proven by clinical tests and evidence-based research to be effective and safe for everyday use, so there are no empty promises. It promises healthy skin, so it gives you healthy skin, making you not just your most beautiful, but ultimately DermoBeautiful.

Part of Celeteque’s lineup of celebrated products is Céleteque’s DermoScience line, skincare products that caterto specific skin needs—from Hydration, Acne Solutions, and Sun Care, to Brightening, Advanced Anti-Aging, and even Hair and Scalp Care. The products have earned a loyal following and have become staples for even the most meticulous beauty experts. 

The second mission is to take a photo-gif with a Celeteque product you can't live without then the third mission is the Mystery Lab which I find really exciting. We were given case files, laboratory gowns and glasses to wear inside. There are three cases and what our team got is Case File A and I have to help Anna solve her skin problem with her oily T-zone.  The solution is no less than salicylic acid, witch-hazel and chamomile which is the components of the Celeteque Ace Solutions.

After completing the whole task, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I got my reward which is a complete set of Celeteque Dermo Science products! 

L-R: Host Gelli Victor,  Céleteque Senior Product Manager AC Salvador, Céleteque Brand Assistant Ella Adriano, and UnilabCategory Head for Skin Care Cate Reyes lead the toast for Céleteque Dermo’s 10th year anniversary. 

Céleteque Dermo leverages on Unilab's pharmaceutical expertise, thus providing a deeper and long-term enhancement of skin health. Céleteque has been promoting #DermoBeautiful skin for 10 years, and as it celebrates this decade-long commitment to skin health, it welcomes only more opportunities to provide solutions for every type of skin and soothe its every concern. 

In as far as beautiful skin goes, nothing quite beats standards that rely on derma-level skin health. After all, healthy skin is beautiful skin, and beautiful skin is the cornerstone of beingbeautiful. Truly, the future is only more #DermoBeautiful with Céleteque. 

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