Elemento Starring Cristine Reyes Showing on April 6 in Cinemas Nationwide!

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Viva Films is set to bring terror in the metro as they launches their first Horror movie of the year. Cristine Reyes plays the lead role in Elemento. 

Elemento is about the student named Lucas, a grade school student played by Albert Solis who went in a field trip to a forest then gets a call of nature and relieves himself among the foliage. Little did he knew that he was being observed by a couple of children who seem displeased by his deed. Upon his return home, Lucas started exhibiting unusual behavior that makes his beloved dog ill around him.

Cristine Reyes plays the role of Kara, a doting mother to Lucas, who also noted some changes to his son because she knows his song too well, from being nice and loving to being cruel and menacing. A neighbor played by Elizabeth Oropesa tells Kara that her son might be possessed after going into the woods. Kara's fears intensifies when she received a call from a boy who sounds just like his son Lucas begging her to rescue him in the forest. This continues after a shocking discovery. 

Elemento is directed by Mark Meily who is also the director of critically acclaimed movies like Crying Ladies, La Visa Loca, ABNKKBSNPLAko, and his award winning pieces Baler and El Presidente. According to Direk Mark, this was based on a horrifying experience of his son who is experienced something unusual back in his school. 

Cristine Reyes said that she didn't experience anything unusual during their shoot and she haven't any scary experience before although she and her cousins used to tell ghost stories when they were little and scare each other after that. Right now she said she's doing good after all the issues with Ms. Vivian Velez. 

Playing the role of Lucas is Albert Solis who appeared in Turo Turo which was part of MMFF New Wave category last December 2015. Elemento also stars Jake Cuenca as Lucas' father.

Elemento will be showing this April 6 in cinemas nationwide. 
Produced by Viva Films.

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