No Boyfriend Since Birth Starring Tom Rodriguez & Carla Abellana Showing on November 11!

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

I'm a big fan of TOMCAR and I can see the reason why TOMCAR fans stick to them even though we rarely see them in a project together. Just like their fans, I can see how genuine and sincere their feelings are for each other, they know how to value what they have and they don't just act to do their respective jobs, they act for to make people happy and make them *kilig* since we all need positive vibes right now.

Ever since My Husband's Lover ended, Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana has done several projects on their own but they remain one of the love teams who has a lot of followers online.

In their upcoming movie, Tom Rodriguez will be playing the role of Carlo Mercado, a successful photographer while Carla Abellana plays Karina Miranda, an executive assistant who works in a bridal shop. She’s never been in a relationship all her life, because she is waiting for her high school crush Carlo Mercado played by Tom Rodriguez.

Both Carla and Tom shared how nice it is working with Direk Jose Javier Reyes. They said that he is truly a genius when it comes to Rom-Com and they feel blessed that they got the chance to work with him because they all learned a lot from him. There are a lot of "hugot" lines in the movie that people can relate to and even though we've just watched the trailer, it's really entertaining.  Aside from Tom and Carla, some of the cast includes Mike Tan, 
Mylene Dizon, Bangs Garcia, Ricci Chan, Al Tantay, Arlene Muhlach, Cindy Miranda
Shine Kuk, Luke Conde.

Both Tom and Carla said that they miss working with each other but even though they are busy with different projects, (Tom is Sergio in GMA Network's Marimar while Carla is part of Ismol Family and Karelasyon) they still have time to bond when they have free time, they both revealed that they are a big fan of ALDUB. Tom mentioned how kilig Carla is whenever she is watching Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. Carla said that ALDUB makes her feel really happy, the kilig feeling is very genuine. 

Carla Abellana as Karina Miranda
Tom Rodriguez as Carlo Mercado

The story evolves after graduation, Karina and Carlo cross paths at a wedding. Carlo, being a wedding photographer who worked in Canada for 10 years, gets close to Karina as they share common interest. Unfortunately, it is all work for Carlo unlike Karina who has fallen deeply for her high school crush again.

Determined to win the man of her dreams, Karina does everything in her power to make Carlo fall for her. But Carlo is one tough nut to crack and so Karina decides to give up hope and spare herself from more pain. Until Carlo asks her to be his business partner.
Karina then finds herself in a tight fix once again. Will she accept the proposal or turn it down? Will she finally gets to be with the man she dreamed all her life?

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“No Boyfriend Since Birth” begins its search for “forever” on November 11 in cinemas nationwide! Don't miss this kilig movie of the year!

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