Fujifilm Launches Instax Mini 70: A Party Must-Have!

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Almost everyone loves taking pictures and what can be more wonderful than having a remembrance of the actual photo itself. Now that the holiday season is here, it's even more perfect to capture every moment with out love ones. I love printing out photos of my family and friends and up until now I tend to get busy doing scrapbooks. 

FU JIFILM instax mini cameras have become extremely popular, not just among the younger set, but anyone who loves to take photos of important life events, loved ones, and travels, and see these instantly in credit-card-size prints they can keep. 

Last October 22, Fujifilm launches the newest addition to their instax mini series:

Available in three colors:
Canary Yellow
Island Blue
Moon White

Known as the party camera, the instax mini 70 boasts of the Auto Exposure Control Function that captures both the main subject and background in natural brightness. It does away with the rather tedious task of having to configure a special setting. Just press the shutter button, and the camera can automatically detect the surrounding brightness then adjust the shutter speed and flash amount accordingly. The result? Images with a natural brightness, even those taken indoors or at weddings, which tend to have darker backgrounds when captured with conventional cameras.

The instax mini 70 is also equipped with the new "Selfie" mode intended for, well, just that: taking "selfies." Choose the Selfie mode so the camera can automatically adjust the brightness and shooting distance to the level optimized for serfie shots. There's even a selfie mirror beside the lens so you can check the framing to achieve the best angle. Features such as the self-timer function and tripod mount are useful for all your family and barkada
 group shots.

Other convenient shooting modes that allow you to enjoy photography in a variety oof situations include the "Macro" mode for close up shots at a minimum of 30cm from the subject (food etc.) and the "Landscape" mode for far away landscape pictures of your 
holiday getaways.

Check out our photos during the launch, with my fellow Blogger friends 
Jing Javier & Jerhwin Hernandez.

 All these cool features and more are packed into a modern and stylish body of instax mini 70. It's perfect for your trendy fashion accessories which you can bring anywhere, anytime, whether you are young at heart, male or female, student or yuppie and party animal or travel junkie, you name it, instax mini 70 is perfect for you!

Instax mini has been growing spark not only in Japan but all over the world. From Europe to United States of America to East Asia as well. They're loving the idea of taking photos and printing them in a snap.  

FUJIFILM is committed to the constant innovation of instax cameras that offer enjoyable instant photography and printing, while communicating the true essence of photography, which is to take, preserve, decorate, and share memories.

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