Spice Up your Day with the new McDonald's McSpicy

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Your Chicken sandwich will never be the same again now that McDonald's
launched their very own McSpicy Chicken Sandwich. If you’re one of those people who like your chicken big on spiciness, this is the sandwich for you. 

A thick, juicy whole chicken chop sits fiery hot on a bed of crunchy lettuce between toasted sesame seed buns. :-) My first bite made me smile, it tasted like my favorite McChicken with a twist. A spicy twist! I am never fond of Mayo but with McChicken and McSpicy, I enjoyed eating it. I savored every bite perfect with McFloat and fries. :-)

Thankfully, we were invited to the launching of this spicy treat at McDonald's
Blue Ridge in Katipunan. We had some fun activities testing our tasting palette.
I was happy to see a friend back in College and Ronald McDonald as well. :-) Never the Strangers was also there performing some of my favorite songs :-)

McSpicy is sure to be a hit among Filipinos with its blend of flavors that’s just right for the Pinoy taste. Take your satisfaction a notch higher with 100% juicy whole chicken meat, seasoned with just the right amount of choice spices, topped with fresh crunchy lettuce and flavorful dressing, all in a perfectly toasted sesame seed bun. Each mouth-watering bite comes with a kick that will tickle your tongue just right. 

Treat yourself to make your day extraordinarily different by enjoying McSpicy a la carte for only Php 80. Pair it with regular fries and drink for only Php 115 or enjoy it with medium fries and drink for Php 135. 

Make a dull day exciting by getting a McSpicy to amp things up. 
Each bite will surely turn your day around. 

Share your McSpicy moments with McDonald’s on Facebook, facebook.com/mcdo.ph 
or tag @mcdo_ph on Twitter with the hashtag #mcspicyishere

Happy girl here with Ronald McDonald :-)

I'm also happy to know that Jessy Mendiola will endorse
 McDonald's new McSpicy chicken burger!

You go girl! :-)

Watch the TVC here:

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