Nyoy Volante Releases his new album "Tuloy Pa Rin"

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Long Live OPM! With NyoyVolante back, singing around and pulling those strings of his guitar, there is no doubt that the spirit of Original Pilipino Music is still thriving on. We all know NyoyVolante for being the mellow that he is when he sings and everyone credits him for being such a remarkable acoustic artist, bagging the title “King of Acoustic Pop”.Now that he has released a new album under MCA Musicithas becomemore apparent that with his songwriting and artistic skills, he really had brought in a significant contribution into making OPM alive and kicking today.

Speaking of this new album,“Tuloy Parin”from the title itself, isan all Tagalog tribute album dedicated to all the OPM fans and listeners. 

“I love OPM. Everyone does. I’ve had an all OPM album before, but this time I was really set to do it all Tagalog.” he said.

Though coming up with this new project was never an easy job for NyoyVolante himself for he faced greater responsibilities and challenges as he has grown to be a multi-faceted artist and talent on this new album; To mention, aside from being a singer, song writer and a musician, he is also an arranger, producer, actor and video director. 

While working with the album,Nyoy is actively engaged in musical theater and he is also part of ASAP Sessionistas which can be seen every Sunday at the variety show of ASAP in ABS-CBN. And currently he also continues to be in demand for shows here and abroad. 

Nyoy is now managed by MCA Music Artist Management and grateful as he is, he mentioned “I was into musical theater while doing the album plus all sorts of projects here and abroad (I call them blessings), but I was so blessed to be working with such talented musicians and engineers.”

This new album “Tuloy PaRin” was produced and re-arranged (except for ’Kamakailan Lang’ & ‘Sa IsipKo’) by Nyoy himself where in the album features his versions of well-loved OPM hits like “Ipagpatawad Mo”, “Bakit Ba Ganyan”, “Tuloy Pa Rin”, MagkasuyoBuong Gabi (featuring Sabrina), “NanditoAko”, “Sa IsipKo”, “Sana DalawaAngPusoKo”, Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin”, “Basta’tKasama Kita” and “Kamakailan Lang”. 

“I’ve always made it a point to really re-arrange my covers. As much as possible, gusto kosulitinyungpagka-revive, so talagangini-ibakotalagapati genre from the original,”Nyoy said.

He also continues to do his original compositions where in the album includes “Pikit” and “Miss Kita” written by Nyoy Himself.

“Sobrang gusto koyung ‘Pikit’, I find myself randomly singing this song all the time while ‘Miss Kita’ was intended to be a sweet love song but somehow turned out to be a pop jazz number.” he added.

On another side, he directed two(2) music videos of his own which are “Pikit” and to be released soon“Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahlin”.

With all these experiences and blessings,NyoyVolante had indeed expandedand became a Jack of all trades when it comes down to his field of artistry and talent. Nyoy is thankful for his continued journey in bringing OPM music closer to people.

“You are the reason we matter in this industry. Please continue to support us. Di kami magsasawanglumikhangmarami pa parasainyo! Salamatulingmarami.Mabuhay kayo. Mabuhay ang OPM,” he concluded.

“Tuloy Pa Rin”, NyoyVolante’s latest album under MCA Music is now out in CDs, available at your leading record stores. It is also available online via iTunes.

“Tuloy Pa Rin” (Minus One Versions)

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