Sing your heart out with XTREME MAGIC SING!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sing your heart out with XTREME MAGIC SING!
The most admired videoke microphones that became Filipinos first love.

Bloggers were invited into a fun filled event hosted by none other than the leading
videoke microphone of Pinoys ~ Xtreme Magic Sing!

Together with other Bloggers, some sing their hearts out using Xtreme Magic Sing Videoke microphones then we were introduced with their products and even the latest one plus 
music games and raffle! :-) 

Xtreme Magic Sing Units

 2 Digital Wireless Microphones with controls
 It has 2,627 Built-in songs mixed of English and OPM songs (with Classic< modern and Latest Hits sung by : Maroon 5, Bruno Mars, Carly Rae Jepsen, Rhianna, PSY and more.
 With built-in HD Picture and Video Backgrounds
 Real-time search by Title, Artist and 1st Lyric line 
 HD Movie Player (any format), Photo Viewer and Music Player 
 Unlimited Song Recording via Internal memory that can able to transfer directly into your USB device in MP3 format
 Plug And Play into any kind of TV (CRT, LCD or LED because of Dual Video Output (RCA jack and HDMI cable connections)
 USB 2.0 slot for USB device (Flash drive up to 16GB or Hard Disk Drive up to 1 Terra-Byte
 Personalized playlist saved up to 100 songs
 Personalized Picture and Video Backgrounds via USB device
 4 Song chip slots
 2 Years warranty (Parts and Service)
 FOR ONLY P 19,899

 1 Digital Wireless Microphone with controls and FREE High-quality wired  microphone.
 It has 2,422 Built-in songs mixed of English and OPM songs (with Classic, Modern and Latest Hits sung by : Maroon 5, Rhianna, The Script , Talylor Swift and more..
 80 Picture Backgrounds Local & International Sceneries.
 Real-time Searching by Title and Artist
 Plug and Play into your TV (RCA connection)
 Recording function via Recording chip (optional item, 100 minutes)
 Socket Provision for any dynamic wired or wireless microphones.
 Personalized Playlist up to 100 songs
 6 Song chip slots for additional songs.
 External Video function using Live video source (Video-Camera or Player)
 8 Interactive Games
 2 years warranty(parts and service)
 FOR ONLY P15,499

 1 Portable Videoke Microphone with controls 
 It has 2,300 Built-in songs mixed of English and OPM songs (with Classic, Modern and Latest Hits sung by : Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and more..
 Plug and play into your TV (RCA Jack connection)
 Real-time Searching by Title and
 Recording function via Recording chip (100 minutes of recording, optional item)
 8 interactive Games
 Personalized playlist up to100 songs
 4 Song chip slots
 2 years warranty (Parts and service)

Enjoy gatherings with family and friends or just work on your singing prowess through Xtreme Magic Sing’s latest lineup of products that is sure to delight and excite everyone who loves singing. 

High-tech yet very easy to use, Xtreme Magic Sing’s user-friendly interface allows anyone – from young kids to older folks to operate the device with ease. Exclusively distributed by the Astra Group, Inc., Xtreme Magic Sing is currently available in over 200 outlets nationwide. 

The brand has always been the favorite handheld videoke microphone of Pinoys, equipped with the latest technology, it gives users the ultimate concert experience to everyone. Each unit is loaded with the latest in-demand songs as well as hundreds classic karaoke favorites. 

Constantly innovating to improve on its products, Xtreme Magic Sing makes sure to regularly come out with new models that will surely be a hit with its target market. Currently there’s the Xtreme Magic Sing Diamond and Xtreme Magic Sing Karat, which are all loaded with the latest hit songs. These latest models also come with fun features such as the option to personalize picture and video background, watch movies or view photos. In addition to these, Xtreme Magic Sing will also launch its Xtreme Magic Sing Platinum HD model this July, making for another fun and exciting entertainment option for the whole family. 

Offering the best sound and video quality, plus a host of other cool features, Xtreme Magic Sing is definitely well worth your money, as you’re able to get all the conveniences and fun features that most multimedia devices offer, in just one compact package. The latest models of Xtreme Magic Sing also offers HD Movie, personalized background, USB Flash drive HDD compatible, games, and more.

If you’re looking for some wholesome family fun, make sure to check out Xtreme Magic Sing in your favorite mall and get to experience for yourself what makes this entertainment gadget such a hit after all these years. 

Xtreme Magic Sing…the one and only Magic. 

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