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Saturday, July 21, 2012

When you have found the one that you dearly love but is bound to be taken away from you, would still hold on?

Kim Sun-Jin (Son Ye-jin) got diagnosed with a rare case of Alzheimer’s disease, soon after her marriage with the sweet Choi Chul-Soo (Jeong Woo-seong), and now they will bear whatever pain, only to stay for each other. The story of two lovers that despite of the tragedy they are facing, a spark of hope still shines.

Won as Best Screenplay in the 2005 Grand Bell Awards, “A Moment to Remember”, is a Korean movie you will never forget.

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From the writers of the Koreanovela ‘My Lovely Kim Sam Soon’ comes another funny yet romantic 2006 Korean drama “What’s Up, Fox?” Starring Ko Hyun Jung (Queen Seon Duk, 2009) and Chun Jung Myung (Man of Honor, 2011).

Ko Byung Hee (Ko Hyun Jung) is still hopeful in finding the perfect romance. At her age which is 33, will she have any idea how to find the perfect guy, especially now that she’s not getting younger?

Young hunk and outgoing Park Chul Su (Chun Jung Myung), which is still 24 years old and doesn’t think too much about his future, will fall for the woman he barely imagined, Byung Hee.

The two gets entangled in a unique love story, realizing that true happiness can be found just in front of you.

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