Food Escape: Bon Chon Chicken

Saturday, July 21, 2012

It was a rainy night, me and Van wanted to try Bon Chon for a change. I've heard a lot about Bon Chon chicken and honestly speaking, this will be our fist time to try it out. A lot of the people I know said that they really loved Bon Chon chicken so we might as well try it for a change :-) I'm a big fan of fried chicken and I will not pass up a opportunity of trying out something new :-)

Non-flour dipped fried chicken is the new trend of fried chicken. Bon Chon Chicken, a chicken restaurant chain from South Korea has set foot in Manila, finally. What a good news for culinary enthusiasts here, because just for your information, so far Bon Chon can only be found in a few other countries like the US, Thailand & the Philippines.

I ordered the Chicken Bulgogi, it's like Chicken katsudon meal. It tasted quite good :-) 

At the end of the meal, come to think of it, it was a bit pricey for me. Thankfully we get to experience eating at Bon Chon since we get to check out their menu and indeed it was delicious but at the same time pricey. 

I liked their spacious diner and the staff were alert and always cheerful. :-)

Bon Chon Chicken

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  1. hmmm... mas masarap pa sa max's? :D

  2. Mas masarap sa Max and Savory actually hehe :-) Pinakamasarap sa KFC :)