NSO, Passport & POEA OEC Delivery via Teleserv: Easy, Fast & Convenient Transaction! :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I feel so grateful and happy to be invited by no less than Sir Ronald Allan De Vera who handles marketing strategies for Pilipinas Teleserv and of course by Sir Raffy David, Director for Marketing of Pilipinas Telerv in our last Blogger's breakfast at Harvest Gastro Pub. Teleserv Pilipinas Teleserv Inc. is the premier partner of NSO, POEA and DFA in providing world-class Citizen Services. The event is so refreshing since they really made it sure that we are all comfortable and not only full because of the amazing brunch but also full of information about Teleserv's efficient services in cooperation with various government agencies. This service in my belief is the most practical and perfect way to save money and time if you really need to process your documents specifically NSO Birth Certificate, Passport application or POEA OFW Exit Clearance. These services are all hassle-free and worry-free! :) 

Citizen Services allows for convenient access to various government services of the National Statistics Office, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, and Department of Foreign Affairs via citizen services like NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Hotline, POEA OEC Exit Clearance Delivery, and the DFA Passport Appointment System services. Fully endorsed and accredited by the NSO, POEA, and DFA, these Citizen Services have served millions of Filipinos nationwide for the last 11 years. You can count on them to provide you with world-class services. It's the 12th year of Teleserv and they've been giving two thumbs up services 27/7 and 365 days! :) Amazing right?:)

Currently, Teleserv has been operating in two major locations which is in Quiapo, Manila and in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.  They have totally change the way Government transact important documents to people. Now, it is more fast, no need to fall in long lines and wait forever.

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery powers birth, marriage, death, and even Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) door-to-door deliveries. By simply calling the NSO Helpline 737-1111, citizens can enjoy the convenient request and procurement of their NSO certificates without the hassle of traffic, queue, and waiting.

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery Helpline 737-1111 is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even on Sundays and holidays. With nationwide coverage, everyone from Batanes to Jolo can enjoy the same world-class service that Pilipinas Teleserv Inc. has been providing for the last 9 years.

Now, having to travel, apply for work leave, or time constraints for procuring NSO certificates have become a thing of the past. One call is all it takes to have your questions and requests answered and delivered.


For Birth Certificate:
As proof of age.
Healthcare application
Requirements for enrollment
Requirements in marriage application
Passport application
Driver’s license application
To open a bank account
Requirements for inheritance and property claims
Voter’s registration
Requirement if you will run for public office.
PRC licensure exams 
SSS application
DOLE working permits, if minor.
Establishing  family relationship,
Proving legal dependency
Requirements for claiming of benefits

For Marriage Certificate:
To update status in Philhealth
To update status in SSS/GSIS
To update data in Passport from single to married name
To change surname in PRC license
To secure as legal beneficiaries of spouse
Requirements for legitimacy of child/children
Requirements for claiming of benefits

For Death Certificate:
Claiming life insurance
Claiming pensions
Settling estates
To obtain burial permits
To obtain death benefits

For CENOMAR (Advisory of Marriage):
Visa requirements
To know if your fiancée is single and to know if both party is free of bigamy.
One of the requirements in getting a marriage license.
Requirements for legitimacy of a child
Requirements for claims and benefits.

Take Note: Embassies look for the latest version of the security paper used in this important documents for authentication.

How to get Passport Appointment System via DFA
Teleserve also offers free appointment schedule for those who want to apply for their passport, go to www.passport.com.ph. Then they will ask for personal appearance then schedule of release which you will choose whether Teleserv will deliver it for you or you will claim it after release.

Fore more information and details regarding their services, you can contact 
Teleserv via:

Facebook:  Teleserv

OFW Exit Clearance: www.oecdelivery.com.ph 
DFA Passport: www.passport.com.ph
Citizen Services: www.citizenservices.com.ph 
NSO Birth Certificates: www.birthcertificates.com.ph 

Meanwhile, check out this cute commercial of Teleserv NSO birthcertificate Delivery :)


I received my NSO Birth certificate today via 2GO, their official courier. :) 

Thank you Teleserv! :)

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