Little Manhattan Movie Review

Thursday, April 19, 2012


I really want to watch this movie even before, thankfully I found a copy of it. It's been years and look at Josh Hutcherson now? we all remember him playing the role of Peeta in the movie The Hunger Games. Little Manhattan is a story of Gabe who falls in love with Rosemary Telesco when he attended a karate class. Despite of the “historical significance” that little boys should hate little girls, Gabe is confused in this new profound feeling. 

He doesn’t know what should he do or better yet how should he do it. Not to mention that he and Rosemary are below 12-year old, the two kids settles for a mediocre but sweet ride. The whole story is intimately narrated by Gabe. One time we see his crumpled face, wrestling with his self if whether he should or should not say Hi to Rosemary. Later, Gabe finds out that Rosemary Telesco is going for a 2 week summer camp and as Gabe would said, “Two weeks is a lifetime in a child’s world.” He is again pressured to profess his love when Rosemary admitted she is going for another school next year. As far as Gabe’s love is concerned, it would be now or never. As Gabe attempts to capture Rosemary, he ends up driving her away.

Most of us experience this kind of feeling when we are at this age, I for one experienced this. It's weird actually. Especially now that we've all grown up, you eventually tell yourself, "I liked this guy so much in my younger days? seriously?" or more but the point is, First Love really never fades away even if we want to forget it just like Puppy love. This is what happened to Gabe. It's different with boys. Given a love story during a pre-puberty stage, I say this story has something different. You don’t get the usual teenage film where the love is in conflict of peer pressure, fame or other teenage stuff. I like the film for it promotes an innocent love. A love that is not driven by lust, fame or any kind of feeling second-rate to love. A love that is entirely honorable. Is it romantic? Not really but it is thoroughly entertaining. Wish I've watched this before in my elementary days. :)) I will totally recommend this movie to my little cousins or niece and nephew. :) You should too :)

Love isnt about ridiculous little words,
Love is about grand gestures
Love is about airplanes pulling banners over stadiums,
Proposals on jumbo-trons,
Giant words in sky writing
Love is about going the extra mile even if it hurts,
letting it all hang out there,
Love is about finding courage inside of you which you didnt even know it was there
Love is an ugly terrible buisness practiced by fools
it will shred your heart into pieces
and leave you bleeding on the floor.
And what does it really get you in the end?
nothing but a few incredible memories,
memories that you can never shake away.
The truth is, there’s gonna be other boys/girls out there.
I mean, I hope.
But you’re never gonna get another first love
Nobody has ever gotten a second first love.
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