Manila Ocean Park is a Tech-Savvy Marine Theme Park

Monday, April 30, 2012

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In today's demand for advanced digital technology and an evolving online lifestyle, Manila Ocean Park introduces the latest technology to become the leading tech-savvy theme park in the country.

Social media sites specifically Facebook and Twitter have been the favorite tools used by Filipinos to connect with loved ones from abroad, post status updates and share photos with friends. The virtual world has been more accessible due to the latest gadgets currently available in the market. This new trend is especially appealing to the youth, who are tech-sawy and able to adapt to the new features and enhancements.

Instant Facebook Update

Manila Ocean Park recently acquired an innovative IT solution from Europe. This technological breakthrough device will be seen in the different popular attractions such as the Oceanarium, Trails to Antartica, Marine Life Habitat, Jellies Exhibit, Liquid Pool and Lounge and Acquatica.

Guests to log in using their Facebook or Twitter account. Guests will be provided with an e-wrist tag which stores their social media information and lets them share their status updates and photos to their online friends. This technology was first introduced for inventory control and timing sporting events. Now it's being used as a social tool, where real time meets the virtual world with no geographical boundaries.

Instant Info Download

Students who go to the park for field trips can benefit from the QR (Quick Response) Code. This tool proves to be convenient since information seen in the labels of the attractions such as various types of fishes can be scanned using the QR Code and stored in mobile gadgets. The QR Code consists of square clots arranged on a white background. This code can also access the website of Manila Ocean Park and browse current promos and events. It displays text and images making it easy to check out the latest happenings in the integrated resort destination.

Free High-Speed Internet Access
Guests can now conveniently go online as the entire park facility becomes a Wi-Fi zone. They can check emails, share photos instantly and send updates in real time, almost as if their online friends are enjoying the moment with them. This hotspot coverage will surely enhace guest experience and moves connectivity to a higehr level.

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