The Avengers Movie Review

Friday, April 27, 2012

I want to be honest with you, the only Marvel movie that I have watched is Iron Man and the other characters in this movie, yes I've heard about them and read about them but I still need to update myself and I also want to watch The Hulk, Captain America and more. The interesting part of this movie is that it can really make you interested with the characters. and that is what I want to find out about. 

the avengers movie second trailer with thor iron man and captain america in woods

the avengers movie trailer 2 incredible hulk looks angry 2012

The Avengers is a film about a group of superheroes who fight aliens, but it's also a film about the way in which a group of broken, damaged individuals can come together to form something greater than themselves. Even though the final act is, superficially, typical blockbuster spectacle, it also works beautifully as a way of bringing the characters together and to solidify everything that they have experienced over the course of the film, and there is something quite moving about watching them struggle together for a common goal.

The emotional aspect of The Avengers is, for me, what sets it apart from most blockbusters. It takes the concerns of its characters seriously, and even though the film is incredibly funny most of the time :) I have a lot of favorite funny scenes in the movie, Robert Downey Jr,. is perfect for the role and I couldn't imagine anyone portraying Iron Man other than him :) I also love the scene when The Hulk singed Loki up and down at the Stark building totally LOL moment for me.  - Whedon remains one of the sharpest writers of dialogue working in Hollywood today - it also grounds its spectacle in the emotional arcs of its characters, both individually and as a team. It finds time for Captain America's sense of displacement as a product of World War II awakened in the modern world; it finds time for Black Widow's guilt over her past; it finds time for Tony Stark to rub pretty much everyone else up the wrong way. Most importantly, it finds a way to make the global personal by having The Avengers experience a tragedy that galvanises them into working together as they were always meant to.

Can I faint now?:)

The Characters:
Iron Man/Tony Stark - He’s always have that sense of humor even if there’s trouble or not. His new suit, Mark VII, is totally amazing! Bracelets first before the whole suit. The new suit can fly as much as Stark wants plus Stark tower is really cool. 
Captain America/Steve Rogers - He wants to wear his new suit all the time. And obviously, he loves it. He is so serious. And always want having a plan before an attack.
Thor - He’s aggressive and his muscles are still larger than everyone but I really love him. I will definitely watch the moive. Thor 2 will come out 2013 :) Can't wait. 
Hulk/Bruce Banner - He’s always angry, but come to think of it he is really powerful. 
Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff - Wise, fast and hot. Scarlett is perfect for the role.
Hawkeye/Clint Barton - The sharpshooter.
Nick Fury - He got an eye for the team.
Agent Phil Coulson - I will miss him like Tony Stark do.
Agent Maria Hill - She’s good.
Loki - Still powerful and dangerous. I really enjoyed his character. Tom Hiddleston is an amazing actor. 
Among other things, I really enjoyed the movie :) Simple pleasures in life. Watching an action packed movie with an amazing story, background and of course, star studded movie. :) What more can I ask for?

I would like to thank Nuffnang Philippines for giving us an opportunity to watch this movie for free! :)
Thanks to PLDT MY DSL for sponsoring the event. 
We watched the movie at Shangri la Cineplex , Cinema 2 :)

Loot bags! :)

I love this delicious Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! :) 
 I'm seriously considering of ordering a box of it :) 

Say CHEESE! :)

watch the trailer here:

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  1. Is the final movie title "The Avengers" or the "Avengers Assemble"? that second option is extremely hokey

  2. Ruffalo gave the The Hulk a character boost, for sure.