Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fries overload

McDonald's has always been a household name to everyone especially to children. I remember when I was kid, I'll always ask my mom to buy me McChicken with large fries and up until now, I still love it. But in return, I'm the one who loves to buy my mom McChicken to my mom for pasalubong. 

Chicken Fillet with rice

Today, McDonald's has a lot of treats to offer their loyal customers and I'm one of them. When I'm busy at work and doesn't have that much time to eat out or find and think of a place to eat, without thinking I just go to McDonald's. I always order Chicken Fillet with rice (P50.00) with drinks, regular fries (P25.00) then hot fudge sundae (P25.00) and voila! I have the perfect lunch to make it through the day.  

I guess I will never get tired of eating at McDonald's. Even if I'll have grandchildren someday, I'll ask them to take me to this chain every now and then. It's cheap, it's delicious and worth it.

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