Bottoms Up at Dairy Queen

Friday, July 22, 2011

Rocky Road Blizzard

Honestly speaking, I have fallen in love with Dairy Queen the moment I first tasted their ice cream. It keeps getting better. My experience at Dairy Queen has always been pleasant. I love their interior, pleasant in the eyes plus their crew are always very accommodating. 

Rocky Road Blizzard

I really love their Rocky Road Blizzard, it never fails to brighten up my "not-so-good" day especially those hectic days in the office. Their blizzard really melts in your mouth not in your cup plus I love the nuts in it then I also love their Double Cocoa Shake, I can order it a dozen times without getting tired in it. 

Double Cocoa Shake

The thing that makes me hook with Dairy Queen is that it's not too sweet. The flavor is just right which can make you really hook in it. I also love their DQ cakes, something different and unique. They also say that it's also perfect in your healthy diet since almost everyone tends to crave for ice cream every now and then. 

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