Interview with the Vampire: Movie Review

Saturday, May 21, 2011

You should probably know, Louis, (the main character) narrates the film as it goes along as he is getting interviewed.
Firstly, it is nothing like Twilight and nothing like an old school vampire film. Well actually it has aspects of an old school vampire film and is slightly cheesy, but makes up for it by being epic. It’s basically about a man (Louis) who lost his wife in childbirth and now only wants to die, so he tries everything to get someone to kill him as he doesn’t want to commit suicide, but a vampire call Lestat gives him the option of being turned into a vampire by making it sound glamorous, explaining how he’ll never grow old and live forever and such. So Louis accepts his offer, which frankly I didn’t understand considering he wanted to die and all. Anyway, after a few years of being a vampire, Louis decides he doesn’t want to eat humans, so he eats rats (ew) but then in a moment of weakness, bites a child whose mother died of the plague, Lestat walks in on him biting the little girl and freaks him out, so he leaves.

What Louis doesn’t realise, that the little girl isn’t yet dead when he leaves her. Later that night, he comes home to find the little girl in a bed asleep, but slowly dying. Lestat then pressures Louis into letting him change her into a vampire as well. At first the little girl, Claudia, is confused but is soon to accept the two men as her family. The years pass, and obviously, none of them age. Claudia stays as a little girl and begins to hate the fact that she will never grow up. In one scene, we see her looking at a woman bathing through a window which yes, I know sounds weird and pervy, but you actually see how much she wishes she could change places with the woman. She lashes out at Lestat and Louis for changing her, and wants to know which one did it but they both refuse to tell her. Claudia is far more fond of Louis to Lestat, as he treats her more like a daughter, where as Lestat treats her like a student. It comes down to Louis to explain to her how she really became a vampire. She goes mental at him, but forgives him, where as she can’t forgive Lestat and seeks revenge on him. I won’t give you details on that, it would spoil the surprise. Claudia and Louis then set off trying to find other of their kind and after years and years of trying, they finally meet a group of vampires. Again, I will not give you details as it would ruin the film.

The films comes a fairly sad and upsetting ending, but actually has a comical twist. Anyway, yeah, if I were you I’d watch it. It’s actually so good! I know I probably haven’t described it very well, but it is amazing. Oh, and if you like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Kristen Dunst, you HAVE to watch it. I love them all, but this is definitely the best thing I’ve ever seen any of them in!!!!

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