Beastly: Movie Review

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Based on the book by Alex Flinn of the same title, this movie follows the trials and tribulations of a young boy, Kyle, who is outwardly good looking, cocky, arrogant, and about to get a taste of what it’s like to not be so blessed.  Kyle’s world turned upside down, and inside out, when he ticks off a witch who puts a curse on him.  Now he has one year to find someone who can love a beast which is him.

This movie (as well as the book of the same title) is a re-telling of the classic love story of Beauty and the Beast.  I enjoyed this movie. The acting was decent, the settings were great, and of course I love the plot. You know, a girl or boy loving someone who is less attractive or popular, I know it is a cliché kind of story but for the longest time, this kind of stories still made people fall in line in theatres.  Beauty and the Beast is my favorite fairy tale aside from Cinderella. I still need to read the book of course, and the list grew longer, indeed I have more pile of books to read and sadly, I haven’t done my share on reading this past few weeks.
I think that one of the biggest qualms people will have with the movie is that Kyle isn’t so much “Beastly” as “different” which in Kyle’s world different is beastly.  From the trailers (or the movie poster picture above) anyone can tell that his face is scarred, there are slight boils, and lacerations; whereas according to the book (I have read some portions and yes, I’m a cheater) Kyle had the challenge of also growing fur (like a beast).  I think they changed it in the movie for special effects sake, and for modernity rationale. I mean we all know some people could be really a critic as if making a movie is that easy.
In order for me to know if they did a great job on adapting the book, I have to read it first but the film was good. I think I’m bias since I love both Vanesa Hudgens and Ales Pettyfer but judging from what I have seen, it’s worth watching anyway. I’ve seen worse but this, not at all. They clicked and you will have the “kilig” moments when you watch the movie.

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