Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When I was born, I unsettled the natural balance of things, a stubborn stain, on society, that could not be scrubbed off into nothingness again. Society desires citizens who conform and comply, who abide to the principles of behaviour; not me.

A rebel, a restless runner; a spirited, sensitive, strong willed soul, not the one who says yes to your opinions, who shrugs off scholarly institutions, who casts aside cooperate careers, and frowns in face of fundamentals, all in favor, of the unlikely life. Not me, the daughter of a my father who up until now I still haven’t see after so many years, daughter who perplexes her conservative mother, not  me, most afraid of being controlled, of being caged, and tamed; of being spoon fed society's propaganda, until I swallow, and accept.

Little dreamer, I won't give in, to the wind, and the whip of the skeptics. Little dreamer, I am, going for broke just to try out something new, whether something to eat, somewhere to go, new places, new things, new food then  I'll go again.

I feel so deeply, intensely, that I fret when emotions, of ecstasy, and enchantment, of sympathy, and sorrow get over me there are times I can’t control it, I cry, I cry most of the time and I laugh most of the time. I habitually say a prayer, when I hear the sirens announcing ambulances, when I hear bad news about earthquakes things that can be really disturbing. I believe in dreams, and destiny.

I take the staircase, I walk most of the time. I like tree houses, kaleidoscopes, and record players, vintage ones; pressing my nose into books, for the scent of the pages.

Society shakes a finger, and says, "Grow up!" Though, adults are simply complex children, with wishes still, to have an happy ending, fore death comes to claim us, 'till death do us part. And this world needs dreamers to come back to reality, to extinguish limitations,  to see the magic, the miracles, of the everyday; to evolve and not be afraid to move forward.
And relentlessly remember, you are the only soul who can keep your dreams from coming true.

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