“What have you done for yourself lately?”

Friday, November 05, 2010

Let me tell you what I’ve been through. I was in that special place that only people in love know about. Romance was alive and my soulmate was revealed to me as the only person I’d want to spend the rest of my life with. My world evolved around that person as if this is the only person alive. Then suddenly it happened: the phase that I think some relationships goes through, when your partner suddenly gets tired of you and wanted something new.

Whatever you call that phase, I experienced it. I suddenly found myself alone. Single again. I spend my days in a fog, all too blurry, wondering where it all went so horribly wrong. Blaming myself for not seeing the breakup coming and hating myself for not acting sooner to avoid being single again.

It’s time to get out of that fog, to do for myself what I wish others would do, spend some special time with a special person, MYSELF. I took few small baby-steps and I tired to get to know myself more. Sometimes people think that being single after a big breakup is not much of a big deal. Well it is. Some even undergo mental changes when this happens. My friends didn’t encourage me to meet another special someone because they know that I am in a fragile state right now and that I need to understand what kind of a great person I am, outwardly and inwardly. I need to have confidence. Once again. 

So what have I done for myself lately? A lot of things. Being single, at this point gives me a lot of new things to try. 

with my badminton family

in action

I realized it’s time for me to begin a good exercise regimen. I joined my officemates in their daily not too strenuous sports activity which is Badminton. I actually enjoyed it. For some years I never enjoyed sports that much but this time, I enjoyed it. It gave me good physical endurance and at the same time it helped me have some clear-thinking time. When I am playing Badminton, I concentrate on what I am doing, I became aware of the people around me. After that I feel rejuvenated. Exercise is something new to me and it feels wonderful and refreshing.

Oplan Sagipin ang mga Binagyo

I also share some of my new-found spare time with a local volunteer group. I’ve always been part of organizations but lately, I have been stagnant. This time, I do my share to help others. It’s a blessing to help others and a worth while organization can be a very productive way to help myself as well. Many people, told me that volunteering is a great way to meet others that share your same interests, but I feel it is a great way to not only give of myself but to learn a little more of myself as well.

Mesa Filipino Moderne

Eat and Go

I also treated myself to a well deserved eat out that can be very refreshing. I ate alone and nourished myself. Some people are scared to eat alone or better yet felt ashamed to be seen eating alone. I don’t mind now.  It feels rewarding to know that I can do something independently and eating out by myself is something new to me. Just me and a fancy menu can be very rewarding and relaxing. After that I can share my experience to my friends so that they can check out the resto for themselves.

I know that we live on some type of financial budget. But this didn’t keep me from my new experience of doing the grocery all by myself and using my own money! I know some people do this all the time but I never had the chance of doing it alone then buying things that I really want in the grocery then cooking it for myself in the end. I find it really cool now to go the grocery and just splurge! I perfectly understand why my mom loves going to the grocery and this will not be the last time that I will do it, I will do the grocery all the time from now on.

Puka Beach in Boracay
My very first jump shot at the beach

Fire dancing :)

New places bring you to new experiences and new people. This is what I experienced as well. I engaged my self into traveling. Something that I really wanted for the past few years. To discover new places and enrich myself of the new cultures and go to places I have never been. I enjoyed my first time at Boracay and just the sight of the pure white sand beach gave me the bliss that I am craving for. 

Underground Cemetery, Nagcarlan, Laguna
I also went to Nagcarlan, Laguna where I visited the Underground Cemetery and learned a lot of things from the historical background of the place. I toured in my own hometown as well, I went to the White Cross and at the top I felt all the love and blessings of the Lord. It feels good to climb at the top. I learned something new and that when I realized that this is where my heart is. Blogging and traveling.  It gives me the excitement to try new things and meet new people. 

Jay Sean Concert

 I also love music and with that I enjoyed myself into watching the concerts that I really love featuring the artists that I have been dying to see. Dancing to the beat of the music and thumping my way to relaxation is a big comfort. Sometimes, it's nice to loose yourself with the beat of the music.

There is no reason why my change in relationship status requires me to be lonely or alone. It’s all up to me to make myself available and in a few easy steps I’ll have a wonderful time of new experiences, new places and new faces. This is what I have done for myself lately. To love myself more and enjoyed my sole presence in this world. To give myself time to enjoy what life has to offer.

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  1. This is the winning post!


    Congrats Gracee! ;)

  2. thanks Darwin!! grabe! super unexpected :) I'm super thankful talaga, what a blessing :)

  3. I am glad for you. I wish you well on your journey. It took me awhile to find a way to be more than just content with being single. But now, it feels good. To be able to make decisions by myself without having the peace that comes from that, disrupted, disturbed, disgruntled, disapproved by someone else. It took me awhile to love myself and all of that. I wish you well and more happiness.

  4. Thank you, I really appreciate it :) It's hard to be more independent at first but as I go along, it gives me the freedom that I want :)