Life As We Know It

Sunday, October 31, 2010

“Having somebody support you doesn’t mean you failed, it means you’re not in it alone.” – Eric Messer

Even though the story is simple and common, the execution was great and that is the thing I love in this movie by Warner Bros Pictures  starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel and directed by Greg Berlanti. This is a must watch especially for those who are just starting their own family. This is why I salute all the Moms in the world. I mean, raising a kid is no joke, especially if we’re talking about shouldering all the expenses.

The story evolved when they were set up on a blind date by their married best friends, Holly (Katherine Heigl) a successful caterer who is expanding her business more and more every day. She is a very busy woman indeed, having not much time and environment to meet men and Messer (Josh Duhamel) a sports director in a TV network. They both suffer from no enough time and devotion for a relationship.

However, destiny has another plan for these two and their friends pass away in a tragic car accident. Interestingly, they had arranged the custody of their daughter Sophie to be given to Eric and Holly, the godparents. These two people, a very unlikely couple have to come together, live in the same house and put up with each other in order to take care of this adorable baby who has just lost her parents. Everything is a nightmare especially in the beginning: they do not know how to take care of the baby, their differences and dislike for each other is such a wall, their careers get in the way, social life takes a strange turn in this awkward situation.

So, basically I love this feel good movie. It made me laugh and giddy. Plus, I really like Katherine Heigl. She has this charisma with this type of characters like in 27 Dresses.

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