Twister Fries is Back!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

McDonald’s Twister Fries is back! and I hope for good :)  Now is the time to get twisted once again and head to the nearest Mcdo to grab that mouth watering twister fries.

The McDonald’s Twister Fries is made from the best, freshest and high quality potatoes, each twister fries’ strand are perfectly twirled and curled, the taste is unique with crispy goodness that one bite is very tempting. I have a vivid remembrance of eating Twister Fries way back and I totally look forward on eating it again like yesterday, I ate like 2 servings of twister fries! gluttony much?:) You’ll just have to try it once again, it’s pure heaven :)

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Visit any branch of McDonald’s ad grab your own Twister Fries! You might also wanna try their to die for hot fudge sundae and Mcfloat.

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