If Tomorrow Comes (A book Review)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sidney Sheldon is one of my favorite writers of all time. Aside from that, He was also an Academy Award winning writer even before he made it that big as a Best-Selling Author.

If Tomorrow Comes is my favorite book just as I love Sidney Sheldon by heart. I must admit I have read this book around 20 times already and I will never get tired reading it. This book is a 1985 crime fiction novel and one of the best works of Sidney Sheldon in my perspective. I would strongly recommend it to any body who is a fan of his work. 

This book has three parts to it...the first part being how Tracy Whitney ends up in prison and eventually gets out of it I actually love that part when she was in prison, I  have a vivid imagination of what she went through while she was detained at the prison of hell. Aside from narrating what is going on in her, I, as the reader was also learning in the process, I was with her when she decided she wanted to fight back, when she wanted to be brave enough to fight for her rights. I just love her determination.

The second one being...how she gets revenge on the people who did that to her and mind you, it takes a lot cunning and outwitting others to get over this path. She has learned a lot from her past  and this is helping her deal what she has to finish in the present.

The third one being how she became a professional crook. She does it so well, She gets aways with almost anything with class and grace. How I wish I can be as suave as Tracy.

Whitney Tracey is like Cinderella except that she finds the wrong Prince who wrongfully leaves her in the dungeon until a more honorable and loving Robin Hood comes along and takes her to places after which they live happily ever after with the loot. A big loot at that.

That is how I would put Sidney Sheldon's plot of this story, except that I love the character Whitney Tracey because she is like every reasonably sensible woman who is ecstatic to be in love with one the most eligible bachelor , Charles Stanhope III, a banker who owns the bank and whose family name reeks with money. She carries her baby without him knowing until by some twist of rather annoying fate, she ends up in jail for murder.

The innocent Tracey gets a call from her mother Dorothy who later kills herself. Knowing the man responsible for her mother's suicide, she pursues and attacks him and disappointingly, is unable to kill him.

Tracey waits in jail hoping for Charles to use his influence and get her released but he suddenly makes it clear that he could never marry a murderer conveniently forgetting that she could be innocent plus pregnant. Of course, after all, he has a great family name to protect.

She loses her baby in jail until fate smiles again and she somehow manages to win the favor of the warden who later recommends her pardon to the governor.

Tracey finds herself alone and unemployable after that. She does try hard however – her last odd job being that of a cleaning maid but even that doesn't go too well.

Nevertheless, she is now a more sophisticated and smarter woman and manages to execute her revenge against those who caused her mother's suicide. She finds that she has the capability to engage in more productive endeavors/escapades – not exactly murderous – but criminal.

She somehow finds her niche in a variety of global thieveries, including that of outsmarting two chess champions and stealing blatantly displayed million dollar paintings. I just love this part, I was like imagining Jennifer Garner in "ALIAS" doing this scenes. I actually pictured Jennifer Garner as Whitney Tracey. I hope someday they can create a movie of this and they will pick Jenny Garner for the lead role.

Her new “career” forces her to partner with Jeff Stevens who at face value seems to be just a con-extraordinaire, until she realizes that he would give her life for her, despite losing the their loots.

Despite enjoying his company, she still entertains her plans for the revenge against Charles, the man who left her and her unborn child, until she sees him with another naïve woman in a fancy restaurant. I think she was imagining that the woman was just like her way back when she was smitten to Charles. What happens next and how a romance between two thieves develops into a happily-ever-after love affair is a whirlwind romance. 

This is the story of a woman and the loss of her innocence. It follows her plans for revenge. It also shows her trying times which lead her into an exciting life that she never would have chose any other way. I totally would recommend this for reading.  

This is the official rating of the writer. 

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