foodpanda releases social advocacy report, highlights impact on sustainability

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Online food and grocery delivery platform foodpanda has unveiled its latest corporate social advocacy (CSA) report, pandapurpose, which outlines the social and economic contributions of its various programs and initiatives. 

The company has implemented numerous measures to minimize food wastage and address hunger, partnering with various vendors and organizations to maximize its impact,” a foodpanda representative stated. "This detailed report shows how committed we are to sustainability, cutting food waste, and fighting hunger. Releasing it during our 10th anniversary celebration highlights how important these efforts are for the environment and society."

Fighting hunger and food wastage

A notable collaboration is with Scholars of Sustenance Philippines (SOS PH), a reliable partner that rescues food items for donation to communities in need. This initiative also includes rescuing items from pandamart for distribution.

foodpanda's commitment extends further with its partnership with the World Food Programme through the ShareTheMeal initiative. This program allows app users to donate meals to local beneficiaries directly through the app, facilitating community support and engagement. 

Since 2023, these combined efforts have resulted in the donation of over 16,000 meals, addressing hunger and malnutrition across the nation.

These initiatives ensure that surplus food reaches those in greatest need, helping to combat hunger and ensure no food goes to waste.”

Transforming ordering into a meaningful experience

Beyond combating hunger, foodpanda's diverse range of services, including food delivery, grocery delivery, and pick-up, help consumers effortlessly manage their daily needs, but the platform is also giving app users a chance to practice eco-friendly choices.

With their opt-out cutlery feature in the app, foodpanda reported that more than 24 million orders in 2023 alone opted to skip single-use cutlery. This move highlights the company's commitment to reducing plastic waste and promoting eco-friendly practices among its users.

We’re ramping up our support for initiatives that promote a balanced, thriving, and sustainable ecosystem for our people, partners, and communities,” said the company’s representative, emphasizing the company's holistic approach to sustainability.

Through pandapurpose, we continue to demonstrate our dedication to creating a positive social and economic impact.” As the company moves forward, it remains steadfast in its mission to support sustainability, reduce food wastage, and combat hunger, benefiting communities nationwide.

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