Thiocell Glutathione Lozenges introduces Ageless Beauty Sunshine Cruz as their Brand Ambassador

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Being a tropical country with a lot of sun exposure, 2 of the most common skin problems of Filipinos are skin darkening and photo-aging. With the immense heat that we are experiencing nowadays, our skin is on the line and exposure to sunlight and other factors cna contribute to aging faster. 

Proof of this is the proliferation of whitening and anti-aging products, ranging from soaps, lotions, and creams, to drinks and supplements. A lot of these products are either ineffective or inefficient, especially the oral supplements due to the issue of bio-availability.

Thiocell Glutathione Lozenges has long overcome these obstacles and have proven to be the most efficient and effective glutathione in the market. 

Powered by Innovation, Backed by Science. Thiocell is the brainchild of Dr. Theodore Hersh, one of the most established medical researcher in the US.

Thiocell’s unique and patented lozenge form allows Glutathione to be absorbed more efficiently and effectively, delivering faster results.

Thiocell's unique lozenge form allows it to be absorbed faster resulting in Whiter, Smoother, Younger-looking Skin that Glows! 

Who better to represent the #AgelessGlow campaign than Ms. Sunshine Cruz

Learn more about Thiocell and how Sunshine Cruz takes care of her skin, health and her fitness regime. 

Thiocell x Sunshine Cruz Media Conference 

Thiocell x Sunshine Cruz 

Shine's 46 years doesn't show on her face, body, and skin, thanks to Thiocell! After all, Age is just a number, but your Glow is Forever! Glutathione is a complete body health supplement that provides total health and well-being. It is also recognized for its health benefits for skin by lightening it from inside and out giving you evenly toned and lighter skin. Glutathione is also known as the master antioxidant and helps in boosting our immune system to help in the fight against viruses and diseases. 
Here are some pointers regarding Glutathione:
  • GLUTATHIONE COMES IN DIFFERENT FORMS CAPSULES I TABLETS Oral dosage of Glutathione such as pills, tablets, capsules and sprays, fail to provide better and faster results as it passes three barriers resulting to a very little absorption. In this process much of the glutathione is destroyed and wasted. 
  • INTRAVENOUS GLUTATHIONE Has been banned by DOH — FDA as skin whitener since 2011, as they deemed it to be "unsafe and may result in serious consequences to the health of the users". 
Thiocell highly differentiates itself and is successful as a skin whitening product due to its UNIQUE DELIVERY SYSTEM and absorption rate. 

Thiocell is the first and only Glutathione in LOZENGE form that allows glutathione to be absorbed by the body QUICKLY, SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY as reported in the International Journal of Dermatology. Scientific studies have shown that the combination of Glutathione, Selenium and Vitamins C,D,E and Grapeseed extract increases the levels of glutathione in the body which effectively results in whitening, anti — aging and a healthy immune system. 

Learn more about Thiocell via their Facebook and Instagram account. Thiocell is available in Mercury Drug, Watsons and online shops nationwide. 

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