Wednesday, May 08, 2024

In a gathering of various media organizations composed of TV, radio and print journalists and bloggers at Dark Roast Coffee House, Maginhawa, the 30th Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Rommel Francisco Marbil shared his vision for the future of the police force.

Acknowledging the dedication of police officers, particularly in tasks like combating illegal drugs, the new PNP Chief pledged to establish legal support for personnel facing court charges linked to their duties.

He also underscored the significance of prioritizing the well-being of police officers to enhance their effectiveness in serving the community.

The new Chief of Police has mandated a ban on mobile phone usage to ensure officers prioritize their duties and responsibilities to the nation and its citizens. All police personnel are reminded to refrain from unnecessary phone use while on duty, with plans to increase police presence in communities.

Under the new leadership, the PNP remains committed to upholding professionalism, integrity, and service standards to safeguard the peace and security of the Filipino people.

Chief Marbil endorses PBBM's non-violent approach to combatting drugs, citing a recent seizure of over two tons of shabu by the PNP on April 15 without any casualties.

Upon assuming office as PNP Chief, Marbil pledged to prioritize the protection of human rights in the government's intensified anti-drug efforts, aiming to minimize street killings.

Marbil asserts that the PNP will conduct anti-drug operations resulting in thousands of arrests and the confiscation of millions worth of illegal drugs, all without any fatalities.

As the event concluded, Chief Marbil expressed gratitude to the organizers for providing a platform to share his vision for the Philippine National Police.

Watch the Kapihan at Dark Roast Coffee House with PNP Chief Marbil

"I am grateful to the organizers for this event because it gives me a better chance to meet all media people, not just those assigned in our organization. I hope we could all work harmoniously for our country and for our safety," he remarked.

PNP Chief Marbil also shared some important details about their mission to launch a more effective 911 system that can easily help Filipinos when they are in need of assistance. Aside from this, he also wanted to prioritize the well-being of the police officers so that theu can serve more and be good at their work. The workforce of the PNP is indeed not perfect but they are doing what they can to serve the nation. The PNP will double or even triple their efforts to resolve some crime related issues and give appropriate resolutions to needed cases.

Chief Marbil also denied allegations regarding false rumors circulating online about the benefits of the policemen saying the only thing that will happen is to increase their benefits not decrease or take it away from these hardworking men. He also denied that there are plans of destabilization and ousting. Only peace and unity are being promoted amidst PNP. 

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