Ways on how to be a fun and memorable teacher to your students

Thursday, March 07, 2024

Admit it or not, at some point in our lives, we once wished we are a teacher. Teachers play a vital role in the society. Teachers give children purpose, they are role models and set kids for success as citizens of our world, and inspire in them a drive to do well and succeed in life. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and teachers are that critical point that makes a child ready for their future. 

What children learned in the school at a young age will be carried throughout the rest of their lives. This is why most children have their very own favorite teachers because those people have an impact in their lives. We all know that today's youth will become leaders of the future and this is why teachers, across the world plays an important role in shaping the future of each child.

While the pressure of being a role model to every teacher is quite heavy, teachers can also have fun while doing their respective jobs. It is really up to you on how you will be creative and resourceful when it comes to educating your students. You can start by wearing a cute teacher shirt to make your students more comfortable around you. We all know that kids, most of the time, their attention span is diverted and they can get bored easily, so make sure to get their attention focussed on you.

Here are tips to make teaching more fun:

Show your passion - If your school doesn't have a uniform then wear something fun like teacher tshirts that will showcase your personality. The goal is to make the students comfortable around you in order for them to trust you and listen to you.

Be creative - Most students doesn't like to old style of learning and gets bored and detached with teaching ways like reporting and so on. They want you to be involved which is why doing things together is a must. Surprise them with new activities that is both informative and entertaining. You can do art lessons together and create a crafty teacher bags for you and for your co-teachers while they also enjoy the process of doing things together. 

Participate in every lesson - Make sure to take note every weakness or favorite topics of your students. Ask them what they find hard or which one they want to tackle again so that it will be easy for them to understand each topic you discuss. 

Be Kind - Don't just wear a teacher tees that promotes a motto but instead live with it. If you feel like your student is going through something, make sure to make some time and talk to this student. Remember that school is their extended home and most of them are going through something that they don't want people they don't trust to know. I remember the film that I love which Freedom Writers and Dead Poet Society. The society is a cruel world and when you find a person that can change your bad ways, whether you're a teacher or not, that's a mission accomplished. 

Discover new things together and have fun - Whether you're wearing your boring uniform to school or wearing a colorful and fun teacher dresses, remember to always have fun with your students and make everyday a learning experience, one that they will never forget. Your mood sets your day ahead so make sure to engage them in a bright and happy disposition. When you love what you are doing, it shows with whatever you are doing. You’ll have a significantly better time teaching if you work on nurturing your personal relationship with yourself. Your students will have a better time, too.

So, take some time to check out these tips and always make sure that you are also learning in the process. Life is much more fun when we don't focus on the struggles and we make the most out of everything. Not everyone is fit to become a teacher, if you are one, then you are born to be one. 

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