The birth of Philippine Entertainment Bloggers Association (PEBA)

Saturday, March 23, 2024

On its first general assembly held March 21, 2024, entertainment bloggers covering events from television, movies, theater and online content came together to form a union that will benefit the entertainment blogging community. The birth of Philippine Entertainment Bloggers Association (PEBA)

We’re doing this because we love sharing entertainment news. We hope that we won’t be left out and that we continue to do what we are passionate about and that is writing. But of course, for us to be able to achieve it, we will go through a lot of difficulties. We have struggled before but we’ve learned from those struggles and for sure, there will be more on the way. We just need to be prepared to be able to keep up with digital storytelling,” PEBA President Albert Abelido of The Chikkaness on what the organization’s vision is.

With thirthy- eight (38) members with roughly more than 2 million monthly website views, 4.3M Facebook followers, more than 130,000 followers on X, more than 1 million TikTok followers, almost 500,000 Instagram followers and 2 million YouTube subscribers, they say there’s strength in numbers and these are the numbers PEBA offers.

More than a decade since blogging started in the Philippines but this is the first time that an organization is formed. What some members think of as just a dream became a reality.

With a mission to help equip the entertainment blogging community with tools and opportunities to successfully build personal brand, connect with industry professionals, leverage platform for positive impact, and tell legitimate stories, PEBA aims to uphold the standards to digital storytelling and give better working environment to the current and future members of the organization.

Announced projects during the first general assembly are: PEBAyanihan, skill-building workshops, collab with industry professionals and the PEBA Awards Night. 

Not only the members of PEBA will benefit by conducting these projects but also their partners as they reach more people and build better relationships.

The PEBA general assembly was held at 38 Valencia Place, the home of Mother Lily and Ms. Roselle Monteverde’s Regal Entertainment, Inc. and was attended by A Class and Project Z of AsterisK Entertainment, Gold Aceron, Martin Riggs and Kenaniah of OC Records, Salome Salvi, JD Aguas, VR Relosa and Armani Hector of VIVA Artists Agency. 

The Philippine Entertainment Bloggers Association would like to thank Ms. Anna Magkawas and Luxe Beauty and Wellness Group , Ms. Peachy Vibal-Guioguio and Media.Xchange, Ms. Marianne Ferrer de Vera and Pascual Laboratories, Inc., Ms. Ana Liza Bautista and Penser Q Multimedia Company and Ms. Rhea Anicoche-Tan and Beautederm Corporation.

You can contact PEBA or send your inquiries through their email:

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