Pancake House: It’s Time To Come Home To The Classics

Tuesday, March 05, 2024

Pancake House is officially celebrating its 50th year and they welcome all to come home to the classics. Where fond memories are made, tummies are full and satisfied, and loved ones come together in celebration – Pancake House is happy to share the experiences and flavors that generations of happy customers just keep coming back to.

In light of this special time, Pancake House is also excited to extend some new and old favorite offerings, exclusively available this semester:

Choose Any 2® Bestsellers

The Choose Any 2® Bestsellers offer is a testament to Pancake House’s commitment to upholding those feel-good dining experiences. By combining their most beloved items alongside their classic comeback menu, these combos are simply worth it – bringing these comfort dishes at the forefront of memorable moments. 

Savor these delectable combos, each of them paired with a Brownie Bite and a choice of Iced Tea, Orange Juice, or Bottled Water:

  • Spaghetti or Creamy Carbonara and a choice of Classic or Spicy Best Taco in Town.
  • 3 pcs. Mini Classic Pancakes and a choice of Classic or Spicy Chicken Nuggets with gravy.
  • Classic Pancake & Waffle Duo and a choice of Classic or Spicy Chicken Fillet with gravy.
  • Classic Baked Mac and a choice of Classic or Spicy Best Taco in Town.
  • Adobo Sulipan, a classic favorite with a choice of Pork & Chicken or Chicken.

The Comeback Menu: Adobo Sulipan

To honor loyal Pancake House lovers, a classic favorite is reintroduced – the Adobo Sulipan. With a choice of Pork & Chicken or just Chicken that’s loosely shredded and served with generous chunks, this dish comes with a side of sliced hard-boiled egg, cucumber & tomato salad, and steamed rice. It’s a comforting meal being brought back to cater to those who loved it then, as well as those who have yet to experience its goodness. This dish’s comeback does not only serve as an exciting menu item addition once again, but only emphasizes Pancake House’s hearty, tasty meals that have always stood the test of time. 

An ultimate All-You-Can Weekend

In the spirit of celebration, Pancake House introduces the All-You-Can Weekend promotion, featuring Classic Pancakes and the Best Taco in Town. Available every Friday to Sunday from January 5 to April 28, 2024, patrons can indulge in the following delightful choices, each paired with a Bottomless Iced Tea or Coffee:

  • 3 pcs. Classic Pancakes and 3 pcs. Chicken Nuggets with gravy.
  • Best Taco in Town and Spaghetti.

The restaurant promises an unlimited feast, inviting beloved customers and Pancake House enthusiasts to savor the flavors that have become synonymous with Pancake House over the years.

Are you ready to come home?

As you dine in the home of everyone’s classic favorites, heartfelt gratitude and warm welcomes are extended to all Pancake House patrons, new and old. To all those who have made Pancake House part of their lives, cherish the moments, flavors, and connections that have created what the restaurant is known to be today: A home of comforting flavors and feel-good moments. 

Welcome to the milestone that is Pancake House’s golden year – not old, just classic. 

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