Jessa Zaragoza and Dingdong Avanzado serenades a jam-packed concert in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth

Monday, March 04, 2024

Photo courtesy of Mr. Neil Bravo

It was a memorable night as the Phenomenal Diva Jessa Zaragoza and the Original Prince of Pinoy Pop Dingdong Avanzado had a successful concert at the Swan Italian Sporting Club in Perth, WA, Australia. The concert scene was jampacked and the concert-goers were very lively and enjoyed every song that the power couple performed. It was the third and final leg of the Australian tour by the magnificent talents whose music produced several hits spanning three decades in the Philippines. OzPinoy Productions, known for bringing topnotch Pinoy talents to WA, produced the event in Perth. All their concerts including in Sydney and in Melbourne were fully attended and sold-out. It was indeed a successful tour in Australia. 

Photo courtesy of Mr. Neil Bravo
Photo courtesy of Lente by JVG

Because the concert was indeed a phoenomenal hit, Jessa and Dingdong will surely go back to Australia and spend more time with the Filipinos there and the whole crowd who enjoyed their performance. According to Jessa, “Babalik kaming Australia kasi hinihingi talaga nila si Jayda sa pag balik namin as our special guest. Inaayos lang namin scheds. Baka August sa Australia uli. September kasi may CANADA naman kami. Ito uling "SA AKING PUSO"concert, World tour kasi ito Mars. Di ba last year nag kick off ito sa LA."

Photo Courtesy of Mr. Neil Bravo
Photo Courtesy of Lente by JVG

Jessa and Dingdong were admired by the production team, staff and everyone who wroked closely with their because of the profesisonalism, humilty and respect to all of the people they meet. You can tell that they treat everyone equally, with warmth and appreciation especially the concert-goers, and their passion for their craft never wavers. This made a lasting impression to everyone who attends their concert.

In a recent interview with The Philippine Times (Australia), Dingdong shared a powerful insight, “One should not aim to be on top, but aim to last.” 

Last August 2023, Jessa and Dingdong concluded their "SA AKING PUSO" concert at Scientology Auditorium, North Hollywood, California and it was also a massive hit.

The couple always performs their famous hits and aside from this, they also sung a variety of songs in different genre that the audience can sing along with them. There's no doubt about their sheer talent in singing that even though decades have past, they still have it, you can always count on Jessa belting out high notes and Dingdong serenading the ladies with his charming voice. Some of them even were teary-eyed when they hear the classic OPM songs sung by the couple. There's no denying that they will be performing in more cities in the world soon as people are clamoring for it, so wait for their future announcements!

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