Get trendy while wearing your oversize vintage shirts

Friday, March 08, 2024

Love your body, no matter what size you are - hourglass, apple shaped, triangle or pear, you'll want to create a personal style that will compliment your figure. 

But always remember that knowing your body shape or size will not help you love your true beauty, it always starts within yourself. 

Most women believe that they are too old or too fat to do something or wear something without even trying it first. When women feel uncomfortable in their bodies, they assume their body shape or weight is the problem. This can prevent you from seeing your true beauty. Beauty doesn’t come down to weight, height, or measurements. It comes down to a woman expressing her natural beauty outwardly.

There’s nothing wrong with you—or your body shape! You can always strut your stuff in your oversize shirts the way you want to and be proud about it. 

Beauty comes in many sizes, colors, shapes, physical features, personalities, and movements of the body. You gotta love yourself more and express what you want especially when it comes to your fashion sense. 

Plus size t shirts have taken over the fashion scene for quite some time now and we've never been happier. After all, it's not every day that a fashion trend looks good and feels good to wear, too. Whether you choose a graphic tee or a plain one, the comfort and style of wearing one feels like home. Knowing how to style this is very important, so make sure to check out these tips below:

Go for Classic and retro - Classic style never gets old and plus size vintage graphic tees is a show stopper perfect with that denim shorts or denim tattered jeans. The loose fit designed for large size makes it easy for you to wear. The use of pure cotton fabric makes you more comfortable to wear at the same time highlight your figure. 

Accessorize and Go for a traditional look - While wearing those plus size vintage t-shirts, don't forget to wear some accessories to highlight your outfit, wear some necklace with your shorts or jeans and match it with your favorite rubber shoes. This style never gets old, in fact you can see Hollywood star Dakota Johnson wearing these kind of outfits when she is out and about. 

Vintage oversized t shirts are also a classic favorite because it always makes a statement, pair it with a nice cargo pants and you're good to go. You can also spice things up by button-down tied into a crop top then worn with a long skirt or high-waisted trousers, it can hug your curves. 

It's the millennium, people are not as judgemental as they were in the past and more people are beginning to love themselves more. It should start from within and then you can explore and have fun dressing up because life is all about making everything counts. Do what makes you happy! 

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